Di­sco­ve­ring Ve­ni­ce’s art gal­le­ries

Is Ve­ni­ce real­ly a pla­ce to buy ob­jet d'art? De­fi­ni­te­ly! The­re are so ma­ny lar­ge and small 20th cen­tu­ry and con­tem­po­ra­ry art gal­le­ries in the ci­ty that it's al­mo­st im­pos­si­ble to li­st them all. Whe­re® has se­lec­ted a pick, re­no­w­ned for their qua­li­ty, tra­dit

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Galleria Con­ti­ni is a mu­st-vi­sit ad­dress for mo­dern and con­tem­po­ra­ry art. Boa­sting more than 40 years in the bu­si­ness (it's the ol­de­st gallery in Ve­ni­ce), it ex­hi­bi­ts works by im­por­tant Ita­lian and in­ter­na­tio­nal ar­tists in­clu­ding Mi­to­raj, Bo­te­ro and Giu­sep­pe Ve­ne­zia­no (San Mar­co 2288, www.con­ti­niar­te.com). Other gal­le­ries, su­ch as

Lu­ce Arte Mo­der­na, are re­no­w­ned for their di­splay of works as­so­cia­ted wi­th the ci­ty

(San Mar­co 1922, www.gal­le­ria­lu­ce.com). New­co­mers? Lo­ca­ted in Ve­ne­zia-Me­stre, the

D'E.M. Ve­ni­ce Art Gallery is a new, im­por­tant ex­hi­bi­tion spa­ce fea­tu­ring a pre­sti­gious col­lec­tion of 20th cen­tu­ry ma­sters in­clu­ding Ve­do­va, Trec­ca­ni, Li­ca­ta, Gui­di, Mi­rò and Da­lÍ.

The gallery al­so hosts works by con­tem­po­ra­ry Ve­ne­tian and in­ter­na­tio­nal ar­tists li­ke Ale­xan­der Ka­ne­v­sky who­se im­po­sing work ti­tled ‘God's King­dom' is one of the spa­ce's ma­jor at­trac­tions. Ever-aware of the region's cul­tu­ral li­fe and its ar­tists, the gallery's cha­ri­sma­tic ow­ner Elena Man­gu of­fers a ri­ch pro­gram of mul­ti-cul­tu­ral even­ts and am­bi­tious pro­jec­ts in the world of art dea­ler­ships (Ve­ni­ce-Me­stre, via Dante Alighieri 8. www.dem­ve­ni­ceart­gal­le­ry.com).

The new, 300 sq.m. spa­ce of Ga­le­rie Al­ber­ta Pa­ne crea­tes an ar­ti­stic link bet­ween Pa­ris and Ve­ni­ce. In kee­ping wi­th the spa­ce's hi­sto­ry as a work­shop, the gallery en­cou­ra­ges ar­tists to gi­ve li­fe to am­bi­tious pro­jec­ts su­ch as lar­ge sca­le in­stal­la­tions (Dor­so­du­ro 2403/h. www.ga­le­rieal­ber­ta­pa­ne.com). Among the new ope­nings, the Vic­to­ria Mi­ro

Gallery has ar­ri­ved di­rec­tly from Lon­don to ta­ke up re­si­den­ce in the for­mer spa­ce of Ve­ni­ce's hi­sto­ric “Il Ca­pri­cor­no” gallery. The Lon­don dea­ler has brought se­ve­ral of the im­por­tant ar­tists re­pre­sen­ted by her to the heart of the ci­ty (San Mar­co 1994, www.vic­to­ria-mi­ro.com). Lo­ca­ted in the so-cal­led Art Mi­le, in the se­stie­re of Dor­so­du­ro whi­ch is tee­ming wi­th museums and gal­le­ries, ano­ther mu­st-vi­sit ve­nue is Galleria

L'Oc­chio whi­ch, un­til 7 Ju­ne, will ho­st the works of To­bia Ra­và, a Ve­ne­tian ar­ti­st re­no­w­ned for re­sear­ching the my­stic cur­ren­ts of Ju­dai­sm (San Mar­co 1994, www.gal­le­ria­loc­chio.net). Mu­st-vi­sit ad­dres­ses for lo­vers of pho­to­gra­phy? The Iko­na Pho­to Gallery hou­sed in the pic­tu­re­sque spa­ces of the Ghet­to No­vo. Sin­ce 1979, thanks to its as­so­cia­tion wi­th the Iko­na In­ter­na­tio­nal School of Pho­to­gra­phy, it has brought the be­st-kno­wn na­mes in in­ter­na­tio­nal pho­to­gra­phy to Ve­ni­ce (www.iko­na­ve­ne­zia.com). The ghet­to is al­so ho­me to Me­lo­ri & Ro­sen­berg, a hi­sto­ric gallery re­no­w­ned for ex­hi­bi­ting the works of hy­per­rea­li­st pain­ter Lui­gi Roc­ca (Can­na­re­gio 2919, www.me­lo­ri-ro­sen­berg.com). Fans of pho­to­gra­phy should al­so plan a vi­sit to the Bu­gno Art Gallery that ex­hi­bi­ts the works of well-kno­wn Ita­lian pho­to­gra­phers in­clu­ding Cam­pi­got­to, Mo­ruc­chio and Ga­lim­ber­ti (San Mar­co 1996/d, www.bu­gnoart­gal­le­ry.com). It goes wi­thout say­ing that Ve­ni­ce is one of the be­st pla­ces to pur­cha­se glass ob­jec­ts.

Due to its in-dep­th kno­w­led­ge of ar­ti­stic glass,

Be­ren­go Studio 1989 has in­vi­ted se­ve­ral of the world's be­st-kno­wn con­tem­po­ra­ry ar­tists to ex­pe­ri­ment wi­th this ma­te­rial and crea­te uni­que pie­ces (Fon­da­men­ta dei Ve­trai 109/a, www. be­ren­go­stu­dio1989.com). Other go-to spa­ces in the ci­ty in­clu­de Ca­te­ri­na To­gnon who re­pre­sen­ts the mo­st im­por­tant ar­tists of Studio Glass (San Mar­co 2158, www.ca­te­ri­na­to­gnon.com). Col­lec­tors of wea­ra­ble art should head to OhMyB­lue. This uni­que ve­nue sells con­tem­po­ra­ry ar­ti­stic jewel­ry, bags, ac­ces­so­ries, eve­ry­day items, glass items, ce­ra­mics and por­ce­lain, all ca­re­ful­ly se­lec­ted from the be­st in­ter­na­tio­nal of­fe­rings avai­la­ble on the mar­ket (San Po­lo 2865, www.ohmyb­lue. com).

Galleria Con­ti­ni

Lu­ce Arte Mo­der­na. Riccardo Li­ca­ta,

Bu­gno Art Gallery

Be­ren­go Studio 1989. Al­do Mon­di­no, Jon­gleur.

Vic­to­ria Mi­ro Gallery. Ch­ris Ofi­li,Pool­si­de Ma­gic 8.

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