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This is a uni­que way to vi­sit Ve­ni­ce's la­goon whi­le sa­vou­ring its ari­sto­cra­tic beau­ty and hi­sto­ri­cal le­ga­cy. Built in 2001 to bring ship ow­ner An­drea Lon­go's long­ti­me dream to li­fe, the “Galeone Ve­ne­zia­no”is a ves­sel in­spi­red by the an­cient gal­leons, used in by­go­ne days, by the Se­re­nis­si­ma.

• Ser­vi­ces: de­si­gned to mer­ge hi­sto­ry wi­th a

con­tem­po­ra­ry twi­st, the gal­leon of­fers all the ser­vi­ces of a mo­dern ship. This one-of-a-kind ve­nue is per­fect for par­ties and a great way to ama­ze your tra­vel com­pa­nions; it can be ren­ted for pri­va­te even­ts su­ch as wed­dings and bu­si­ness mee­tings, of­fe­ring guests a spe­cial tour, wi­th or wi­thout lun­ch or din­ner, whi­le sai­ling around the islands. The gal­leon can be de­co­ra­ted wi­th flags and ban­ners. • Even­ts: eve­ry Wed­ne­sday and Fri­day eve­ning, you can book a ta­ble for a “Gal­leon Din­ner Crui­se in Ve­ni­ce” (by re­ser­va­tion on­ly, ju­st 30 sea­ts): a char­ming cand­le-lit din­ner that al­lo­ws guests to ta­ke in the sights whi­le sai­ling in front of Saint Mark's squa­re and mo­ving on towards Mu­ra­no, Bu­ra­no, Maz­zor­bo.

• About the Galeone Ve­ne­zia­no: It can sail all year long as it has a ri­gid co­ve­ring and hea­ting du­ring the win­ter; in sum­mer, in ca­se of bad wea­ther it has a pro­tec­ti­ve co­ve­ring. The Gal­leon is equip­ped wi­th a wi­red au­dio sy­stem wi­th mi­cro­pho­nes and is ac­ces­si­ble to the dif­fe­ren­tly-abled. The­re are two gal­leons in the fleet, ea­ch one wi­th a ma­xi­mum ca­pa­ci­ty of 146 pas­sen­gers for pri­va­te even­ts, and 84 sea­ts for ta­ble ser­vi­ce.

• In­for­ma­tion: +39 0421 380006.

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