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Be­cau­se it is a re­la­ti­ve­ly small, com­pact ci­ty (a 45-mi­nu­te walk from Nor­th to Sou­th) who­se main poin­ts of in­te­re­st are si­tua­ted ju­st a short di­stan­ce from ea­ch other, vi­si­ting Ve­ni­ce on foot is the ideal so­lu­tion.

Va­po­ret­ti - An ef­fi­cient net­work of wa­ter bus rou­tes co­vers the en­ti­re ci­ty and in­clu­des trans­por­ta­tion to the islands.The ser­vi­ce is ac­ti­ve 24/24h but runs less fre­quen­tly bet­ween 9.30pm and 6am. Lan­ding sta­ges are lo­ca­ted at cen­tral poin­ts around the ci­ty (in­clu­ding Piaz­za­le Ro­ma, Rialto, Piaz­za San Mar­co…) .

Tic­ke­ts - Al­thou­gh pa­per tic­ke­ts are avai­la­ble at main em­bar­ka­tion poin­ts and from au­tho­ri­zed re­sel­lers di­splay­ing the ACTV lo­go, elec­tro­nic tic­ke­ts can al­so be pre-pur­cha­sed on­li­ne. ACTV: Piaz­za­le Ro­ma. T: 041 2424. www The­re are 6 dif­fe­rent ty­pes of tic­ke­ts, ran­ging from hour­ly tic­ke­ts (€7.50 for a 75' re­gu­lar rou­te) to a wee­kly pass (€60) for un­li­mi­ted tra­vel on al­mo­st all li­nes. TIP The boat trip from one bank of the Grand Canal to the other costs 2 eu­ro (on­ly ca­sh).You can pre-pur­cha­se re­du­ced­pri­ce tic­ke­ts from Ve­ni­ce Con­nec­ted: www. ve­ni­ce­con­nec­ IMOB smart cards are avai­la­ble at all ACTV tic­ket of­fi­ces. Al­thou­gh they al­low you to save on of­fi­cial ra­tes, they are on­ly re­com­men­ded for long-term vi­si­ts.

Gon­do­las - The­se tra­di­tio­nal craft are among the be­st-kno­wn tou­ri­st at­trac­tion for tho­se wi­shing to experience a view of Ve­ni­ce that is any­thing but pe­de­strian. They are used al­mo­st ex­clu­si­ve­ly by tou­rists (and Ve­ne­tians on their wed­ding days). TIP Be­fo­re em­bar­king, we sug­ge­st that you check of­fi­cial ra­tes (ap­pro­xi­ma­te­ly €80 for 45 mi­nu­tes and €100 af­ter 7pm). Agree on a pri­ce, ti­me li­mit and sin­ging in ad­van­ce to avoid unex­pec­ted sur­char­ges. As­so­cia­zio­ne dei Gon­do­lie­ri T. 041 5285075. www. gon­do­la­ve­ne­

Tra­ghet­ti (Fer­ries) - ‘Tra­ghet­ti' are gon­do­las that cross the Grand Canal in 8 poin­ts. ‘Tra­ghet­ti' ri­des co­st ju­st €2 for non-re­si­den­ts (for hol­ders of Ci­ty Pass Ve­ne­zia Uni­ca or ACTV pas­ses, ri­des co­st 0.70) and ope­ra­te al­mo­st non­stop. Four fer­ry ser­vi­ces ope­ra­te in Ve­ni­ce.

Ta­xi - Wa­ter ta­xis wi­th a ca­bin (pri­va­te wa­ter ta­xis) are avai­la­ble for hi­re from 16 lan­ding sta­ges, in­clu­ding Li­do Ae­ro­por­to Mar­co Po­lo, piaz­za­le Ro­ma, Fer­ro­via, Rialto and San Mar­co, or from your ho­tel. TIP Al­thou­gh pri­va­te wa­ter ta­xis can be co­stly, they are the fa­ste­st and mo­st prac­ti­cal means of get­ting around Ve­ni­ce.

Ask your con­cier­ge.

Car - The ci­ty can be ac­ces­sed from the main­land by car, thanks to an ele­va­ted sec­tion (a 4km brid­ge, the lon­ge­st in Ita­ly, al­so kno­wn as the ‘Tran­sla­gu­na­re'), wi­th li­mi­ted par­king op­tions at ga­ra­ges in Piaz­za­le Ro­ma or on the Island of Tron­chet­to. Pri­ces for 24-hour par­king co­st ap­pro­xi­ma­te­ly €30 eu­ro.

TIP It's ad­vi­sa­ble to tra­vel to Me­stre by car (24-hour par­king costs ap­pro­xi­ma­te­ly €15 eu­ro) and then con­ti­nue on to Ve­ni­ce by pu­blic trans­port.

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