As eve­ryo­ne kno­ws, Venice is the ci­ty of dreams! Thanks to the splen­did pe­riod co­stu­mes crea­ted by An­to­nia Saut­ter, it is now pos­si­ble to ma­ke your dream co­me true. By Ste­fa­nia Vi­da

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Ma­ke your dreams co­me true wi­th An­to­nia Saut­ter's ma­gni­fi­cent pe­riod co­stu­mes

"The mix­tu­re of my fa­ther’s Ger­man blood and the Ve­ne­tian blood from my mo­ther runs th­rou­gh my veins, and I in­he­ri­ted my re­stless, in­qui­ring spi­rit from my fo­re­fa­thers. I am an ar­ti­san and a drea­mer en­ga­ged in a ne­ver-en­ding que­st in my na­ti­ve ci­ty, Venice.” This is how An­to­nia Saut­ter, the queen of Venice’s hi­gh so­cie­ty, de­scri­bes her­self. The fa­mous ‘Il Bal­lo del Do­ge’ (or­ga­ni­zed eve­ry year by An­to­nia at Pa­laz­zo Pi­sa­ni Mo­ret­ta) is the mo­st sump­tuous of Car­ni­val ex­tra­va­gan­zas in Venice. An artistic event, a ga­la din­ner and one of hi­gh so­cie­ty’s ab­so­lu­te ‘musts’!

Ju­st steps from St. Mark’s Squa­re, the An­to­nia Saut­ter Ate­lier is a ma­gi­cal world fil­led wi­th all ty­pes of ma­sks and co­stu­mes. A real hi­ve of cou­tu­rier ac­ti­vi­ty de­di­ca­ted to the crea­tion of ma­de-to-mea­su­re pe­riod co­stu­mes, fa­shio­na­ble clo­thing and ac­ces­so­ries. The ex­qui­si­te fa­brics, sar­to­rial de­tails, prin­ts, em­broi­de­ry and chro­ma­tic pai­rings skill­ful­ly re-ela­bo­ra­ted and in­ter­pre­ted by the de­si­gner, tell a sto­ry of a pas­sion for ar­ti­sa­nal tra­di­tion. The craf­tsman­ship in­vol­ved in this pro­cess re­tains the au­then­ti­ci­ty of the pro­duc­tion tech­ni­ques used to ma­nu­fac­tu­re vel­ve­ts, da­ma­sks, bro­ca­des and Ve­ne­tian silks. In ad­di­tion, the bags, shoes, scar­ves, ki­mo­nos and fa­shion ac­ces­so­ries are all ex­clu­si­ve pie­ces, and avai­la­ble for pur­cha­se at Ve­ne­tia Bou­ti­ques, clo­se to St. Mark’s Squa­re (San Mar­co, 1286 Frez­ze­ria). All pro­duc­ts can be cu­sto­mi­zed and de­li­ve­red world­wi­de. >> Ate­lier An­to­nia Saut­ter

San Mar­co, 1628 (Cal­le del Car­ro) T: 041 2413302/5285967. Map E5­to­nia­saut­

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