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This mon­th's round-up of sho­ws, art ex­hi­bi­tions and even­ts.

This unique ex­hi­bi­tion fea­tu­res 100 ta­pe­stries sho­w­ca­sed along­si­de fa­mous works by 20th cen­tu­ry ma­sters in­clu­ding Kan­din­sky, Mi­ró, Gut­tu­so, Da­lí, de Chi­ri­co, Ma­tis­se, Wa­rhol and Bo­te­ro. The­se ex­qui­si­te ma­ster­pie­ces, mo­stly ori­gi­na­ting from Ugo Scas­sa’s stu­dio in Asti, one of the few re­mai­ning ta­pe­stry work­shops in Ita­ly, are di­splayed on the four floors of Pa­laz­zo Za­gu­ri. A pre­view wi­thin a pre­view: for the fir­st ti­me ever, Bo­te­ro’s ta­pe­stry de­pic­ting ‘Ve­nus’ will be avai­la­ble for pu­blic viewing.

Da Kan­din­sky a Bo­te­ro. Tut­ti in un fi­lo Pa­laz­zo Za­gu­ri, Cam­po San Maurizio­laz­zo­za­gu­

4HOT DATES Ta­pe­stry from Gior­gio de Chi­ri­co, Can­to d'amo­re

Abo­ve, ta­pe­stry from Was­si­ly Kan­din­sky, Stu­dy for Com­po­si­tion II (1910). Be­low, ta­pe­stry from Gior­gio de Chi­ri­co, Can­to d'amo­re (1914).

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