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Two fra­gran­ces, for him and her, tell the sto­ry of the es­sen­ce, beau­ty and uni­que­ness of the ci­ty of Venice. They’re cal­led Ve­ne­zia Es­sen­za and are the la­te­st crea­tions from The Mer­chant of Venice, the brand of artistic per­fu­me­ry in­spi­red by the La­goon ci­ty and its age-old tra­de wi­th the Ea­st. The brand, foun­ded in 2013, of­fers a wi­de ran­ge of Eau de Par­fums and Eau de Toi­let­tes, plus bo­dy and ho­me ca­re pro­duc­ts. The­se fra­gran­ces tra­ce Ve­ne­tian hi­sto­ry and tra­di­tions th­rou­gh the ol­fac­to­ry no­tes and beau­ti­ful ae­sthe­tics of the bot­tles. The Mer­chant of Venice ce­le­bra­tes the mo­saics of St. Mark's and de­co­ra­tes the shi­ny black back­ground of the bot­tles of Ve­ne­zia Es­sen­za wi­th gold tes­se­rae, a per­fect mar­ria­ge of my­ste­ry and opu­len­ce. Ve­ne­zia Es­sen­za Pour Fem­me and Pour Hom­me, are two so­phi­sti­ca­ted Eau de Par­fum Con­cen­trée, cha­rac­te­ri­zed by a hi­gh fra­gran­ce den­si­ty, ac­cen­ted by orien­tal heart no­tes. Lu­xu­rious and cap­ti­va­ting, re­fi­ned but di­stinc­ti­ve, bo­th fra­gran­ces epi­to­mi­ze the exu­be­rant beau­ty of Venice. www.the­mer­chan­to­f­ve­ni­

Flag­ship Sto­re San Mar­co, 1895 (Cam­po San Fan­tin). T: 041 2960559.

Spe­zie­ria all'Er­co­le d'Oro Can­na­re­gio, 2233 (Stra­da No­va, San­ta Fo­sca). T: 041 720600. Con­cept Sto­re Murano Fon­da­men­ta dei Ve­trai, 114 (Murano). T: 041 5274297.

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