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When vi­si­ting Venice for the fir­st or ump­teen­th ti­me, we ho­pe to find so­me­thing tru­ly ori­gi­nal for an au­then­tic shop­ping ex­pe­rien­ce. An ob­ject, crea­ted by skil­led craf­tsmen that cap­tu­res the es­sen­ce of the pla­ce or re­pre­sen­ts a spe­cial sou­ve­nir, to be kept as a me­men­to or a gift for fa­mi­ly and friends back ho­me.

Over the cen­tu­ries, as wi­th all hi­sto­ric ci­ties th­rou­ghout the world, Venice has cul­ti­va­ted ar­ti­sa­nal skills that ha­ve gi­ven life to em­ble­ma­tic ar­ti­fac­ts, ran­ging from artistic glass to pa­per ob­jec­ts, ac­ces­so­ries, fa­brics and jewel­ry. In to­day's world, whe­re eve­ry­thing is ma­nu­fac­tu­red and can be bought – ei­ther at shops in the ci­ty or on­li­ne – tho­se items, ba­sed on ma­nual work and an­cient tech­ni­ques that ha­ve been han­ded do­wn from ge­ne­ra­tion to ge­ne­ra­tion, still hold a unique va­lue.

Re­mem­ber that pur­cha­sing a sou­ve­nir at au­then­tic work­shops or from ar­ti­sans helps Venice pre­ser­ve its tra­di­tio­nal ar­ti­sa­nal skills and hand them do­wn to fu­tu­re ge­ne­ra­tions.

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