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Run by the Bar­ba­ro fa­mi­ly for four ge­ne­ra­tions, this pic­tu­re­sque ea­te­ry has re­tai­ned all of its ti­me­less ap­peal. Re­co­gni­zed for mo­re than fif­ty years as one of the few pre­sti­gious art re­stau­ran­ts in Venice, Ro­ma­no ma­na­ges the trat­to­ria wi­th the help of his wi­fe, Sio­ra Gi­gia. Stan­dou­ts in­clu­de an­cient Bu­ra­no spe­cial­ties, and the chef's si­gna­tu­re mi­xed grill coo­ked over wood. www.da­ro­ma­

Via Ga­lup­pi, 221. T: 041 730030.

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