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If you are reading this ma­ga­zi­ne, you are ve­ry li­ke­ly to be a “Hi­gh-Qua­li­ty Tra­ve­ler”. This is be­cau­se you are using qua­li­ty tou­ri­st in­for­ma­tion to gui­de you on your stay in Venice.

This is be­cau­se Whe­re® is on­ly found in the be­st

lu­xu­ry ho­tels in the ma­jor ci­ties of the world. Your ho­tel is su­re to be part of this re­stric­ted group of ho­tels. Ju­st as you are part of a re­stric­ted group of tra­ve­lers who stand out from the cro­wd. Who seek the be­st from eve­ry jour­ney they ma­ke. And who usual­ly ha­ve li­mi­ted ti­me avai­la­ble to get the be­st out of their trip.

Two, th­ree nights per de­sti­na­tion. And the hi­gh-qua­li­ty tra­ve­ler wan­ts to be su­re of get­ting the mo­st out of this short pe­riod of ti­me.

That's why friends are nee­ded in eve­ry lo­ca­tion. To re­pla­ce or back up a re­lia­ble sour­ce of tou­ri­st in­for­ma­tion. Whe­re to go, what to see, whe­re and what to eat, what sho­ws and ex­hi­bi­tions are on, what museums to see in the short ti­me avai­la­ble, and what you can find clo­se to the ci­ty to ena­ble you to un­der­stand Ita­ly bet­ter.

Whe­re® was crea­ted for this ve­ry pur­po­se (no less than 82 years ago!); still to­day, fur­ther en­han­ced by its digital edi­tions, it re­mains the com­ple­te and re­lia­ble in­for­ma­tion sour­ce pre­fer­red by

Hi­gh-Qua­li­ty Tra­ve­lers.

An­drea Ja­ra­ch Pu­bli­sher Whe­re® Ita­lia

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