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In or­der to pro­tect lo­cal craf­tsman­ship and gua­ran­tee the au­then­ti­ci­ty of re­cen­tly pur­cha­sed pro­duc­ts, in 1994 the Re­gion of Ve­ne­to has crea­ted a tra­de­mark to gua­ran­tee that pro­duc­ts ha­ve been ma­de in Murano ac­cor­ding to the tra­di­tio­nal tech­ni­ques used by ma­ster glas­sblo­wers. Ma­na­ge­ment of the re­gi­ste­red Ve­tro Ar­ti­sti­co® Murano tra­de­mark is en­tru­sted to the Con­sor­zio Pro­mo­ve­tro Murano, whi­ch boasts a mem­ber­ship of fif­ty com­pa­nies, the on­ly ones al­lo­wed to mark their pro­duc­ts wi­th pre­sti­gious la­bel. De­pen­ding on the ty­pe of wor­king pro­cess

in­vol­ved, the ad­he­si­ve stic­ker can be ei­ther red or blue. It al­so sho­ws the ma­nu­fac­tu­rer’s iden­ti­fi­ca­tion co­de on the top. In 2016, a se­rial num­ber and a da­ta ma­trix co­de we­re ad­ded to the stic­ker. The­se ser­ve as ad­di­tio­nal proof that the pro­duct pur­cha­sed is a ge­nui­ne Murano-ma­de item. (by G.M.)­ra­no­ –­mo­ve­

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