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Ros­sa­na Ri­ghi­ni de­lights cu­sto­mers wi­th her scar­ves, broo­ches, co­stu­me jewel­ry, bags, ha­ts and silk, hand­ma­de ties. Her win­do­ws and di­splay ca­ses ex­press the ow­ner's phi­lo­so­phy: “The cul­tu­re of beau­ty, the ma­gic of ele­gan­ce”.

PAS­SION TIP Ana­te­ma al­so stocks small Murano glass jewel­ry. Open dai­ly 10am2­pm/3pm-7pm. www.ana­te­ San Po­lo, 2603. T: 041 5242221. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 1 or 2 (San To­mà stop). Map D4

Fran­cis Mo­del

Sty­li­sh, hi­gh-qua­li­ty bags wi­th a fo­cus on co­lour. Esta­bli­shed in 1965, this small ar­ti­sa­nal ‘bot­te­ga' has al­ways re­mai­ned fai­th­ful to the dik­ta­ts of Ma­de in Ita­ly craf­tsman­ship. Lo­ca­ted ju­st steps from the Rial­to Brid­ge, Rug­ge­ro De Zor­zi de­vo­tes him­self to his craft wi­th pri­de and pas­sion.

Open dai­ly 10am-7.30pm. www.fran­ci­smo­ San Po­lo, 773/A (Ru­ga Ra­va­no). T: 041 5212889. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 1 (Rial­to Mer­ca­to stop). Map E3

Gio­van­na Za­nel­la

For the pa­st ten years, Ve­ne­tian de­si­gner-cob­bler Gio­van­na Za­nel­la has been crea­ting ex­clu­si­ve li­nes of shoes for men and wo­men at her work­shop lo­ca­ted ju­st a sto­ne's th­row from the Rial­to Brid­ge. Ea­ch pair is en­do­wed wi­th its own, un­re­pea­ta­ble per­so­na­li­ty be­cau­se they are of­ten en­han­ced by a sur­pri­se ele­ment li­ke tou­ches of ny­lon, co­bra heads, pi­stils or frin­ges. Open Mon-Sat 1.30pm-8pm. www.gio­van­na­za­nel­la. it. Ca­stel­lo, 5641 (Cal­le near Cam­po San Lio). T: 041 5235500. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 1 or 2 (Rial­to stop).

Map F4

Giu­lia­na Lon­go

A mil­li­ner boa­sting a long­stan­ding fa­mi­ly tra­di­tion da­ting back to the ear­ly 20th cen­tu­ry, Giu­lia­na Lon­go's fa­me has spread far beyond the boun­da­ries of Venice, thanks to her unique Ve­ne­tian ae­sthe­tic. Her shop is the dream hat-cu­p­board of any true sar­to­ria­li­st, amid­st old-world fur­ni­shings, ori­gi­nal pa­na­ma ha­ts and hand­ma­de head­gear. PAS­SION TIP The on­ly shop in town whe­re you can find au­then­tic gon­do­lier's ha­ts. Open Mon-Sat 10am-7pm. www.giu­lia­na­lon­ San Mar­co, 4813 (Cal­le del Lo­vo).T: 041 5226454. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 1 or 2 (Rial­to stop). Map F4


This shoe bou­ti­que in San Mar­co - its other bran­ch is lo­ca­ted in Frez­ze­ria - has been a re­fe­ren­ce point for di­scer­ning Ve­ne­tians sin­ce the 1970s. Its ow­ner Ja­co­po No­bi­li sells sought-af­ter, clas­sic men and wo­men's shoes, di­stin­gui­shed by their Ma­de in Ita­ly ae­sthe­tic. Open dai­ly 10am7.30pm. San Mar­co, 420 (Cal­le Lar­ga). T: 041 522 9956. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 1 (San Mar­co stop) Map F4•

Open dai­ly 10am-7.30pm. San Mar­co Frez­ze­ria, 1583. T: 041 522 8997.

Mi­che­le De Fi­na

Hi­ghly se­lect lea­ther shoes, its ow­ner over­sees ea­ch sta­ge of the wor­king pro­cess from the cut­ting of the lea­ther to the end crea­tion. Craf­tsman­ship and Ita­lian sty­le are the hall­mark trai­ts of Ve­ne­tian shoe de­si­gner Mi­che­le De Fi­na. Open dai­ly 10am-1pm/2pm-7pm. www. mi­che­le­de­fi­ San Mar­co, 318/A (Cal­le del­la Ca­no­ni­ca). T: 041 3030189. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 1 or 2 (San Mar­co stop or San Zac­ca­ria stop).

Map F4

René Caovilla

In the 1950s, twen­ty-year-old René star­ted wor­king at his fa­mi­ly's foot­wear fac­to­ry, re­vea­ling his talent as a ‘foot­wear sculp­tor'. Ba­sed in Venice, he has col­la­bo­ra­ted wi­th fa­shion hou­ses of the li­kes of Va­len­ti­no, Dior, Gal­lia­no, Cha­nel and is no­ted for the stun­ning li­ne of "jewel shoes" he co-crea­ted wi­th

Karl La­ger­feld. Shoe-de­si­gner to the stars, A-li­sters who ado­re his crea­tions in­clu­de Gwen Ste­fa­ni, Ro­bin Wright, Brit­ney Spears and Sa­rah Jes­si­ca Par­ker. PAS­SION TIP His pumps in Ve­ne­tian la­ce are tru­ly ico­nic! Open dai­ly 10am-7pm.­ne­cao­vil­ San Mar­co, 1296. T: 041 5238038. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 1 or 2 (San Mar­co-Val­la­res­so stop). Map F4

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