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No­ven­ta di Pia­ve De­si­gner Ou­tlet

Wi­th mo­re than 150 sto­res, ca­fés and re­stau­ran­ts, vi­si­tors can find their fa­vou­ri­te la­bels wi­th pri­ce re­duc­tions of up to 70%, all year round, and fur­ther di­scoun­ts at the an­nual sum­mer and win­ter sa­les. From ico­nic fa­shion brands li­ke Pra­da, Gucci, Ar­ma­ni, Fendi, Jil San­der and

Paul Smi­th to spor­ting la­bels, li­ke Ni­ke and X-Bio­nic, and hi­gh-street fa­vou­ri­tes, li­ke Guess and De­si­gual. Ea­sy to rea­ch from Venice via the shut­tle ser­vi­ce (avai­la­ble twi­ce a day from “Ve­ne­zia Tron­chet­to”, Me­stre and Mar­ghe­ra), it of­fers end­less en­ter­tain­ment, from the chil­dren's ad­ven­tu­re play area to re­stau­ran­ts and ca­fés and even an an­nual sum­mer mu­sic fe­sti­val. Fa­ci­li­ties: ATM ca­sh ma­chi­ne, ca­fés, re­stau­ran­ts, kids play area, ba­by-chan­ging rooms, free par­king, sto­re map and gui­des, mul­ti­lin­gual cu­sto­mer ser­vi­ce, wheel­chair ac­ces­si­ble, free Wi-Fi, per­so­nal shop­per (on re­que­st wi­th ex­tra char­ge), dogs ad­mit­ted to the ou­tlet vil­la­ge (ad­mis­sion in sto­res de­pen­ding on the sto­re po­li­cy), Tax Re­fund for Non-EU ci­ti­zens and Cur­ren­cy Ex­chan­ge on-site agen­cy. Open dai­ly 10am-8pm. www. mcar­thur­glen.com. Via Mar­co Po­lo, 1 (No­ven­ta di Pia­ve, 30 mi­nu­tes from Venice). T: 0421 5741. Off


Pal­ma­no­va Ou­tlet Vil­la­ge

Ju­st one hour from Venice, Pal­ma­no­va Ou­tlet Vil­la­ge of­fers 90 sto­res wi­th the tren­die­st brands di­scoun­ted by up to 70% and open all year around: Adi­das-Ree­bok, Al­do Bruè, Bal­di­ni­ni, Al­ber­ta Fer­ret­ti-Mo­schi­no, Cal­vin Klein, Fe­don, Ice­berg, Ixos-Mal­lo­ni, Ni­ke, Pi­qua­dro, Pol­li­ni and ma­ny others. Tax re­fund for Non-EU ci­ti­zens. In

ad­di­tion to shop­ping, Pal­ma­no­va Ou­tlet Vil­la­ge ma­kes you di­sco­ver a land full of hi­sto­ry and ta­ste: the pic­tu­re­sque hills of the Col­lio re­gion, the land­sca­pes of Friu­li's Do­lo­mi­tes and the

Alps, clo­se to the Kar­st pla­teau wi­th the hi­sto­ri­cal si­tes of the Great War and the star-sha­ped ci­ty of Pal­ma­no­va, a UNE­SCO World He­ri­ta­ge Site. Open dai­ly 10am-8pm. www.pal­ma­no­vaou­tlet. it. Ta­ke the A4 hi­gh­way Ve­ne­zia-Trie­ste and exit at Pal­ma­no­va. In­fo­li­ne: T: 0432 837810. Off


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