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Eno­te­ca Al Vol­to

Ex­cel­lent wi­ne ac­com­pa­nied by tra­di­tio­nal ‘cic­chet­ti' and Ve­ne­tian fi­sh spe­cial­ties, Eno­te­ca Al Vol­to in­vi­tes di­ners in­to its warm, wel­co­ming at­mo­sphe­re. €. Open dai­ly 11.30am-3pm and 6pm-10pm. San Mar­co, 4081 (Cal­le Ca­val­li). T: 041 5228945. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 1, 2 (San Zac­ca­ri stop). Map E4


Its fa­me and for­tu­ne stems from a soft, 7 cm long “pa­ni­nel­lo” (li­te­ral­ly, “ti­ny sand­wi­ch”), stuf­fed wi­th but­ter and two “aciu­ghe­te” (skin­less an­cho­vies in oil). Other mu­st-trys in­clu­de its meat­balls, crou­tons, stuf­fed chi­li pep­pers and fre­shly ba­ked ‘piz­zet­te' top­ped wi­th an­cho­vies. €. Ca­stel­lo, 4357 (Cam­po SS. Fi­lip­po e Gia­co­mo). T: 041 5224292. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 1, or 2 (San Zac­ca­ria stop). Map F4

Oste­ria al­la Ri­vet­ta

One of Venice be­st-kno­wn, mo­st tra­di­tio­nal “ci­che­te­ria” (but al­so a trat­to­ria for lun­ch and din­ner), it is a go-to ad­dress for wi­ne ta­stings. Open dai­ly 11am-10.30pm. €. Ca­stel­lo, 4625. T: 041 5287302. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 1 or 2 (San Zac­ca­ria).

Map F4

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