Hol­ness should see Petro­jam re­port as a gift

Daily Observer (Jamaica) - - CLOVIS TOON -

Dear Edi­tor,

It is not of­ten that politi­cians get the op­por­tu­nity to snatch vic­tory from the jaws of de­feat.

Both the Peo­ple’s Na­tional Party (PNP) then the Ja­maica Labour Party (JLP) have per­fected the art of cor­rup­tion and have in­tri­cately, like a sur­geon per­form­ing a lifethreat­en­ing surgery, gut­ted some of the coun­try’s as­sets by way of cre­at­ing po­lit­i­cal feed­ing troughs, one of which is Petro­jam.

Petro­jam was cre­ated decades ago as an oil re­fin­ery, pre­sum­ably with good in­ten­tions. In 2006 the com­pany be­came part­ners with the Gov­ern­ment of Venezuela, one of the largest oil pro­duc­ers in the world; now one of the poor­est coun­tries. Does that send a mes­sage to us?

Gov­ern­ment can­not and should not run busi­ness en­ti­ties, es­pe­cially a multi-bil­lion Us-dol­lar en­tity.

What of oil-rich Trinidad? Are the cit­i­zens ben­e­fi­cia­ries of that coun­try’s oil wealth? How is the econ­omy?

Why are we among the coun­tries pay­ing high­est for fuel at the pump? Is it that it costs too much to con­vert the crude to gas? Some­thing just does not add up here and needs im­me­di­ate ac­tion.

The coun­try owes a world of credit to Philip Paulwell, of youth­ful ex­u­ber­ance fame, for high­light­ing the cor­rup­tion. Paulwell and the PNP will soon re­alise that the truth has no ex­pi­ra­tion date, and the pub­lic will soon know who cre­ated the cor­rup­tion bed that both par­ties op­er­ated. Both par­ties have wal­lowed in the slush of cor­rup­tion. Yet the po­lit­i­cally blink­ered could now revel in the fact that the JLP is caught in the web of Petro­jam scan­dal.

Is Prime Min­is­ter An­drew Hol­ness will­ing to ad­dress the coun­try through the Par­lia­ment and in­form us what ac­tions he and his Gov­ern­ment plan to take re­gard­ing the hive of cor­rup­tion at Petro­jam over the years?

Prime Min­is­ter Hol­ness, do you re­alise you have been handed a gift? Clean up Petro­jam and re­new your man­date. The odds are cur­rently over­whelm­ing in your favour, the fate of your ten­ure and the coun­try rests solely with you, but the elec­torate has fem­i­nine propen­si­ties, among them fick­le­ness.

ser­vice is so poor. I won­der what the ser­vice will be like when we get closer to Christ­mas Day.

Come now, NCB, Messrs Pa­trick Hyl­ton and Michael Lee-chin, show some re­gard to those of us who must utilise the ser­vices of a teller.

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