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Treat­ing fi­broids NAT­U­RALLY

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to main­tain a healthy weight, thus re­duc­ing the risk of fi­broids.

Clin­i­cal stud­ies have shown that eat­ing too much red meat and drink­ing large amounts of al­co­hol can in­crease the risk of fi­broids. So it is best to re­move or re­strict these in the diet. In ad­di­tion, re­duc­ing or elim­i­nat­ing re­fined car­bo­hy­drates or sug­ary foods will re­duce the risk of fi­broids. These foods in­crease blood sugar lev­els which cause the body to pro­duce ex­cess in­sulin which may play a part in trig­ger­ing or wors­en­ing fi­broids.

It should also be noted that white flour and rice, pasta, so­das, sug­ary drinks, baked goods, chips and wa­ter crack­ers are cen­tral in help­ing to in­crease in­sulin lev­els. On the other hand, fi­bre-rich foods such as fruits and veg­eta­bles will help to curb the ap­petite, bal­ance hor­mones and pre­vent ex­cess weight gain which will in turn help to re­duce fi­broids. Other foods such as whole grains, lentils and beans, brown rice, dairy prod­ucts, quinoa and dried fruit may also be help­ful in the fight against fi­broids.

Some stud­ies have shown that the risk of fi­broids may be in­creased if the in­take of vi­ta­mins A and D in the body is low. There­fore, in­creas­ing the amount of vi­ta­mins A and D in the diet is very im­por­tant in treat­ing fi­broids nat­u­rally.

Also, sup­ple­ment­ing with some of the B vi­ta­mins will also help to re­duce some of the symp­toms of fi­broids.

Stud­ies in­volv­ing fi­broids have also shown that there may be a link be­tween high blood pres­sure and fi­broids. There­fore, man­ag­ing high blood pres­sure will help to re­duce the risk of fi­broids.

Herbal reme­dies may also be help­ful in the treat­ment of fi­broids and their symp­toms. These in­clude green teas. It has been shown that the bioflavono­ids in green tea may help to re­duce the size and the num­ber of fi­broids. This may be due to its abil­ity to re­duce in­flam­ma­tion and tox­ins in the body. In ad­di­tion, herbs such as vervine and shep­herd’s purse have been shown to re­duce the growth of fi­broids and bal­ance the hor­mones. Bit­ter herbs such as cerasee en­cour­age the ex­pul­sion of these fi­broid cells through the colon. In ad­di­tion, cas­tor oil can also be taken to re­duce con­sti­pa­tion. Per­sis­tent con­sti­pa­tion can worsen fi­broids.

We will an­swer your weight-re­lated ques­tions

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“The high­light of the week for me was wear­ing a lit­tle black dress that I hadn’t worn in a long time as it had got­ten a lit­tle tight,” she said ex­cit­edly. “I also no­ticed that al­though my skin was glow­ing, I had a lit­tle acne break­out on my face, but I tend to get those around the time of my cy­cle, so I’m not overly con­cerned.”

She has also been faith­ful to her ex­er­cise rou­tine, de­spite the men­strual dis­com­fort.

“It’s been go­ing good with out­door walks and hikes with my morn­ing work­out crew and some at home ex­er­cises from Youtube,” she up­dated us. “I still need to do some more squats, though, as I’m try­ing to keep as much of my butt as pos­si­ble, which I tend to lose some of when I lose weight.”

Her goal for week three is to con­tinue steadily with her diet like she did this week, and add some more car­dio to her work­out.

“I’m also con­tem­plat­ing do­ing an ionic foot detox, or some­thing of that na­ture, but I will con­sult with Mr Grant first,” she said. “I’m also look­ing for­ward to the weigh-in to see what my progress has been like. Over­all, I’m mak­ing progress and would en­cour­age any­one to just do it — the jour­ney of a 1,000 miles begins with the first step.”

You can also track Ta­mara’s #Jour­neyto135 in video for­mat on Youtube at ‘The Trail­blaz­ers with Ta­mara Mck­ayle’.

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