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HRMAJ 43rd Annual HR & Leadership Conference


The 43rd Annual HR & Leadership Conference, themed “Leadership Rocks…innovate with Purpose” will be held on November 16-17, 2023 at the AC Hotel Kingston, Jamaica. This immersive hybrid event will feature a variety of sessions and workshops designed to help leaders develop their skills, innovate, and create a more inclusive and productive workplace.

Highlights of the conference include: “The Innovative Mindset: Why Those Who Don’t Innovate Will Be Left Behind” - This session will explore the importance of innovation in the workplace and how to develop an innovative mindset.

“E-lead – Engage, Enable, Empower and Energize Employees. How to know which employee needs what E” - This session will teach leaders how to engage, enable, empower, and energize their employees using the four Es of leadership.

“Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI)... The Caribbean Experience” - This session will discuss the challenges and opportunit­ies of leading and managing a Caribbean multigener­ational workplace.

“Is Artificial Intelligen­ce is the new electricit­y? The Caribbean Context” This session will explore the potential impact of artificial intelligen­ce on the Caribbean workforce and how leaders can prepare for the future.

“Revolution­ary Workplace Wellness Strategies: A Win-win for Everyone” - This session will share revolution­ary workplace wellness strategies that can improve productivi­ty, reduce absenteeis­m, and boost morale.

“Innovation in Customer Service… Rocking the Jamaican Style” - This session will explore real world Jamaican experience­s of innovation in customer service, the leadership behind these innovation­s, and the practical takeaways that can be implemente­d in any Jamaican organizati­on.

“Unlocking the Power of HR Analytics: How to get People Leadership Rocking” - This session will teach leaders how to use HR analytics to revolution­ize their approach to effective people leadership.

“Your Data, Your Rights… Understand­ing the Data Protection Act” - This session will educate participan­ts on their rights under data protection laws and how to protect their data.

“Gamified Learning: An Innovative Approach To Developing Skills” - This session will explore how gamificati­on can be used to deliver training that provides employees with improved knowledge retention, increased motivation, and valuable learning experience­s.

“Sexual Harassment” - This session will discuss what sexual harassment is, how to identify it, and how to report it.

“Conversati­on with Innovative

Leaders” - This session will feature a conversati­on with innovative leaders who will share their insights on how to create a culture of innovation and achieve success.

“Leadership Rocks…emancipate Yourself from Mediocrity” - This session will inspire leaders to break free from mediocrity and achieve their full potential.

The 43rd Annual HR & Leadership Conference is a must-attend event for any leader who wants to develop their skills, innovate, and create a more inclusive and productive workplace.

Register today at www.hrmaj.org and learn from the best and brightest leaders in Jamaica and the Caribbean.

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