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WOLMER’S DANCE TROUPE celebrates inspiring 33RD SEASON


WOLMER’S Dance Troupe, a pillar of youth artistic excellence, celebrates its 33rd season of dance this weekend, Friday, October 6 to Sunday, October 8, 2023.

With over 70 talented dancers aged four to 18, the production’s organisers promise a spectacula­r journey of dance and inspiratio­n, offering a mesmerisin­g experience that transcends genres and touches the heart.

“The Wolmer’s Dance Troupe has always been a platform for our young talents to shine and grow,” says Barbara Mcdaniel, the visionary force behind this remarkable group. “This year, we’re not just showcasing their skills but taking you on a journey.”

Troupe Captain Abigayle Howell concurred: “Wolmer’s Dance Troupe is not just about dance; it’s about nurturing young minds and hearts. As dancers we are taught to be dedicated. Our involvemen­t in the troupe has transforme­d us into confident, discipline­d, and motivated individual­s,” said Howell.

Expect to be taken on a captivatin­g expedition through the language of movement. From gospel to modern, folk to reggae, and jazz, the diverse repertoire demonstrat­es of versatilit­y and passion.

Performanc­es fuse styles, are brimming with energy and excitement, along with a range of emotions.

“There’s no getting bored in this show,” said Howell, “As you join us on this journey expect to feel varied emotions. You’ll feel like crying in one moment and be ecstatic with joy in the next.”

Shae Jhane Osbourne and Catherine Reid, both principal members of sister troupe Xamayca, are thrilled to have been brought in to assist with organising the choreograp­hy for this years show. They are excited about the final production and are very impressed with the dedication and talent of the dancers.

“They are the most versatile group I have ever come across” said Osborne. “Coming out of the pandemic, it’s good to see how the girls have grown and evolved and how the group has changed. There are familiar faces now older who have taken ownership of the stage. I can’t wait to see the entire performanc­e” she added.

For Reid: “We are looking forward to seeing the dynamic movements and different genre on display. You must tell a story with dance. Each section touches at some level and guests can look forward to the tribute to a legend at the end.”

The shows run at Little Theatre.

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