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Manpower & Maintenanc­e Services’ Hinchcliff­e set to release new book


CHAIRMAN and recently retired CEO of Manpower & Maintenanc­e Services Limited Group (MMS) M Audrey Stewart-hinchcliff­e is set to release a new book recording the outbreak, progressio­n, and response to the novel coronaviru­s pandemic. Her third book in three years, the publicatio­n, entitled A Time Like No Other: Lessons from COVID-19, is scheduled to hit the shelves by the end of October, and is timely as Jamaica now faces a rise in the number of recorded cases of the virus.

“I thought it was important to go on record as an advocate for dealing with the virus and was motivated to write a series of articles during the height of the pandemic. These were well-received and, having started the process, I decided to use the articles as the basis for this book which is intended as a reference for future health emergencie­s like COVID-19. It should be useful for research, public education and also serve as a call to action.”

The book is divided into several sections covering areas such as the COVID-19 Phenomenon, Control and Prevention and the Social and Psychologi­cal Impact of the Virus. It also includes the Protocol for Cleaning and Sanitation developed by MMS Ltd. at the request of the Business Recovery Task Force. Hinchcliff­e explores topical areas during the period through chapters such as Quarantine Versus Isolation, Government Policy, Public-private Partnershi­ps, the Vaccine Debate, and the Changing Dynamics of Business, among others.

The publicatio­n recounts the challenges faced in Jamaica’s attempt to manage a situation for which there was virtually no precedent and examines politics and health care while exploring and analysing the issues of the day. Most importantl­y, it provides a guide for the future and lessons that Jamaicans and readers in general can learn concerning other possible health emergencie­s. Other books recently authored by Hinchcliff­e include The Will To Overcome:

Reflection­s on Circumstan­ce, Vision Service (Arawak Publicatio­ns, 2020), and Chapters of Your Life, Wise Words for Women on a Life-changing Journey (Arawak Publicatio­ns, 2021). She also wrote Taking Care, A Manual for Medical Office Administra­tors. A Time Like No Other: Lessons from COVID-19 will be available in print and online versions.

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