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- Tell Claudienne

Dear Claudienne,

I live in Clarendon and my daughter used to get a PATH benefit. Before the summer holidays, during the last term, she was very sick with flu and was absent from school for two weeks. Her teacher was notified that she was sick. When my sister went to collect the PATH benefit for my daughter recently, there was none as her name had been removed from the list of beneficiar­ies.

My sister collects my daughter’s PATH benefit for me as we live at the same house. Since she gets a benefit from PATH I asked her to apply for the allowance for my daughter. When my sister inquired at the May Pen PATH office as to why my daughter’s name was not on the list, they told her that it was removed because she was absent from school for two weeks.

I need the money, so could you please check with them for me?


Dear KW,

As the head of the PATH programme is on leave, Tell Claudienne has been in communicat­ion with the Office of the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security on the matter.

The director of client services at the ministry informed Tell Claudienne on Monday, that your daughter has not been removed from the PATH programme.

The e-mail the column received from the ministry stated that they have contacted your sister.

The ministry said that you will receive a payment in October.

The email stated the following:

“Based on my initial investigat­ion she was not removed from the programme but was made inactive due to missing school informatio­n. The family was contacted to confirm the name of the school and the PATH database (BMIS) updated to reflect the same.”

We wish you all the best.

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