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Ipcourier is aiming for excellence


IN what is considered the heavily competitiv­e and demanding shipping and freight forwarding industry, Ipcourier, which specialise­s in shipping between Jamaica and Miami, has been able to move from a small start-up to a leading online freight forwarding company in just under five years. The company credits its resounding success to a culture of providing outstandin­g customer service.

The commitment to good customer service is ingrained in the company’s culture. This strong customer-centric ethos and a mission to be a quality leader in the package forwarding industry sees the company consistent­ly going above and beyond to ensure customer satisfacti­on. Daviana Fortella, a dedicated supervisor, emphasises, how important essential customer service skills have been in the company’s growth.

“At Ipcourier, customers’ satisfacti­on is number one. As a result, we aim for excellent customer service by instilling fundamenta­l skills in each staff — skills such as empathisin­g and active listening to understand where the customer is coming from, where they are, and where they want to go.

“Service knowledge, knowing what the company offers and our processes, allows each agent to better assist the customers by providing the correct informatio­n. We also encourage our representa­tives to exercise patience,” Fortella shared.

Stephanie Forrester, another supervisor, reinforces this commitment by highlighti­ng their training approach.

“We ensure that at the start of training each agent is aware that our main focus is customer service and that there is a specific standard we expect them to uphold. They are trained to handle disgruntle­d and upset customers and not to match the energy of the customer but to empathise as best as possible. We do role play and scenarios to get them to understand and prioritise each customer,” she said.

This commitment to customer service has served the company well even during challengin­g periods. As Ipcourier faced significan­t challenges during the pandemic, the company had to not only adapt their safety processes but had to implement resilient customer service strategies.

“We faced many challenges

 ?? ?? FORRESTER...OUR main focus is customer service
FORRESTER...OUR main focus is customer service

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