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Before and After: The Ultimate Oasis- Bathroom Transforma­tion


Chartier Constructi­on embarked on a mission to breathe new life into this once-dated space, and the results are nothing short of remarkable. A bathroom painted with a dreary shade of pink, and fixtures that screamed 70s nostalgia. The overall atmosphere was gloomy, lacking the warmth and character that a bathroom should have.

The Transforma­tion Begins

With a clear vision and a committed team of workers we set out to revamp the same. From gutting the bathtub, removing the old wooden louvre windows, existing wall and floor tiles, vanity, and toilet; the old was demolished to create a brand-new canvas to create a masterpiec­e.

After: A Modern Oasis of Elegance

Fast-forward to today, and you’ll find yourself in a completely transforme­d space that is a testament to creativity and hard work. Our renovation journey breathed life into this bathroom, making it a modern oasis of elegance and functional­ity.

The bathroom now boasts a warm and cosy feel; with a neutral colour palette, the space is not only brighter, but you can now see its true size.

A space that once held just a tub now boasts a standing shower outfitted with a vintage twist of a terrazzo floor and an elegant, freestandi­ng tub to soak away all the day’s stress.

A Dream Realised

This renovation project has not only transforme­d a dated space but has also unlocked its full potential.

It’s a reminder that with vision, the right tools and a highly motivated team, any space can be turned into a dream, whether it be just a bathroom, kitchen, living area or an entire home.

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 ?? ?? AFTER
 ?? ?? BEFORE (Photos: Chantier Constructi­on Ltd)
BEFORE (Photos: Chantier Constructi­on Ltd)

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