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When your car breaks down


IF YOU are involved in an accident or car breaks down in the middle of a journey, first priority must always be your own safety and the safety of your passengers. Obviously, the first thing you must do if you need assistance is to call the emergency services. While waiting for assistance to arrive, you are advised to take the following precaution­s:

At the scene of the breakdown or accident, do not get out of the vehicle to make immediate repairs or to examine the damage on the spot. Get the vehicle to a safe place before getting out of your car. Carry marker triangles to mark your location. Don’t forget to use your hazard lights to warn other motorists that you are parked on the road shoulder. Emergency triangles will also serve as easy identifica­tion for the breakdown crew coming to your assistance.

If your vehicle can’t be driven, stay in the car and use your mobile phone to get help. Do not, under any circumstan­ce, stand in the flow of traffic.

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