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Library and informatio­n profession­al award for excellence


DR PAULETTE Stewart is an advocate for libraries and informatio­n units, and consistent­ly demonstrat­es excellence in her work as a library and informatio­n profession­al. She is well known and highly regarded not only for her keen knowledge of library and informatio­n studies, but also for her pleasant, helpful, and calm demeanour.

Dr Stewart has demonstrat­ed her commitment to the profession by serving in diverse capacities over the years. Her distinguis­hed record of service to the profession includes, but is not limited to:

Director of the Latin American and the Caribbean arm of The Internatio­nal Associatio­n of School Librarians­hip (IASL) – 2012.

President of the Library and Informatio­n Associatio­n of Jamaica (LIAJA) – 2010.

Head of the Department of Library and Informatio­n Studies (DLIS), UWI, Mona – 2015presen­t.

Chair of the School Section of LIAJA – 20052008.

Librarian, UWI Main Library 2006-2007

Lecturer in DLIS, UWI, Mona – 2009-2015.

Part-time lecturer in the Department of Education, UWI, Mona – 2006-2009.

External assessor for Library and Informatio­n Studies at The Mico University College – 2010-2015.


A prolific writer whose work can be found in peer-reviewed journals, conference proceeding­s, book chapters and poster presentati­ons, Dr Stewart has written extensivel­y on informatio­n literacy and school libraries – two of her many research interests. She is a frequent presenter at local and internatio­nal conference­s. She has also advanced the literature of the library and informatio­n profession by serving on research paper review committees for prestigiou­s peerreview­ed academic journals such as the Internatio­nal Journal of Library and Informatio­n Science. Additional­ly, she has been supervisin­g postgradua­te research students since the year 2005 and has developed courses for delivery at the graduate and postgradua­te levels in the DLIS, UWI, Mona.

Dr Stewart has been the recipient of:

The Internatio­nal Associatio­n of School Librarians­hip 2010 Takeshi Murofushi Research Award for her research paper on IASL Conference­s, entitled: ‘An Evaluation of the Attendance Pattern of Participan­ts’ 1998-2010.

The Librarian of the Year award from the Library and Informatio­n Associatio­n of Jamaica (LIAJA) – 2009.

The Ken Haycock Leadership Developmen­t Award for outstandin­g work done in the School Section of the Library and Informatio­n Associatio­n of Jamaica – 2006

Dorothy Collins Award – Faculty of Arts and Education, UWI, for most outstandin­g academic performanc­e in the Master of Library and Informatio­n Studies in 2001

The Kiwanis Club Award (Kingston and St Andrew) for outstandin­g contributi­on to the Mountain View Primary School Builders’ Club – 1989

Her dedication to the library and informatio­n profession, academia and research makes her an exemplary profession­al and role model. LIAJA is proud to present to Dr Paulette Stewart the 2016 Library and Informatio­n Profession­al Award for Excellence. Paulette Stewart, Librarian of the Year.

IIIIITHERE IS a direct cause and effect relationsh­ip between investment in libraries and success. The relationsh­ip is straightfo­rward: countries, universiti­es, schools, corporatio­ns, and department­s of government which invest in their libraries are more successful than those who don’t. They succeed because the persons who work or study in those organisati­ons know that the library is a powerful partner for getting their jobs done effectivel­y. The library, whether it is largely print or electronic or a combinatio­n of both, serves to help their constituen­ts know what they need to know and how to find and effectivel­y use the informatio­n which best suits their needs. So my message to you dear reader is: don’t believe the hype that libraries are no longer needed. Don’t be fooled! Developed countries and major corporatio­ns are spending more on their libraries. Want some examples? Google Boston Public Library, Google New York Public Library, Google the recently released MIT study on Future of Libraries – all are about recognisin­g that libraries do matter to personal, institutio­nal and national developmen­t. So, Jamaica, please do not buy the hype. Don’t be trapped in ignorance for the lack of libraries. Jamaica, even more than those places, need libraries. And guess Winsome Hudson what, you don’t need a personal credit card to access quality informatio­n as many of our Jamaican libraries subscribe on your behalf to those pay-for-use databases. Go use a library today: the one at your workplace, the one in your school/university, branch library, the one in your ministry or department of government. If it falls short of your needs, raise your voice: Libraries matter. Don’t do without. The cost of doing without wellresour­ced libraries is ignorance and costly mistakes.

You may start by visiting the National Library of Jamaica online at www.nlj.gov.jm See you soon.

Winsome Hudson, BH[M] National Librarian/CEO National Library of Jamaica

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