Churches de­clare de­feat of crime and cor­rup­tion in Ja

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JA­MAICA HAS been reded­i­cated to God by a group of church bod­ies fol­low­ing a four-week Jeri­cho-type march by Men Ad­vanc­ing the Na­tion (MAN) Ting ini­tia­tive headed by the In­de­pen­dent Churches of Ja­maica and other church groups.

MAN Ting saw up­wards of 80 men walk­ing around the cap­i­tal city, three nights each week for three hours, in an ef­fort to de­feat spiritual forces and spread the mes­sage for good men to stand up and take re­spon­si­bil­ity for restor­ing or­der and good gov­er­nance in the home, in gov­ern­ment and the na­tion.

The reded­i­ca­tion ex­er­cise took place last Wed­nes­day just be­fore mid­night at the Na­tional Sta­dium and cul­mi­nated the walk around Kingston that be­gan four weeks ago, pray­ing and war­far­ing for Ja­maica by a pla­toon of Chris­tian men.

Last Wed­nes­day (Au­gust 8) was sig­nif­i­cant, with the num­ber eight be­ing new be­gin­nings, and so the reded­i­ca­tion was to usher a new be­gin­ning for Ja­maica.


The large gath­er­ing of Chris­tian and Chris­tian lead­ers led by the Rev­erend Dr Len­worth Anglin, for­mer chair­man of the Ja­maica Um­brella Group of Churches and past ex­ec­u­tive pres­i­dent of the Church of God in Ja­maica; Bishop Neville Owens, chair­man of the In­de­pen­dent Churches of Ja­maica; and the Rev­erend Al Miller, head of Fel­low­ship Taber­na­cle Church and Whole Life Min­istries, un­veiled a map of Ja­maica upon which the reded­i­ca­tion of the is­land was fo­cused.

“Heaven has heard our cries, the hosts of the army of the Lord have gone into bat­tle, the strong­man and strongholds over na­tion have been de­feated, up­rooted, pulled down, de­stroyed and over­thrown. We de­clare to you tonight, re­joice for spiritual free­dom and eco­nomic In­de­pen­dence has come to Ja­maica,” was the re­peated dec­la­ra­tion of the church­men in their ad­dress to the gath­er­ing.

They en­cour­aged in­vited men in ev­ery parish to do the same in hav­ing a Jeri­cho march­ing around the perime­ter of their parish cap­i­tal and ap­peal to God for his in­ter­ven­tion.

“Tonight is a night of cel­e­bra­tion and thanks­giv­ing to God for his good­ness. He has heard our cries and has come down to de­liver,” added the church lead­ers.


Owens sought to ex­plain the ne­ces­sity of the reded­i­ca­tion of Ja­maica, point­ing out that neg­a­tive spiritual forces have been hold­ing the na­tion hostage through the so­cial ills per­vad­ing the so­ci­ety. He added that there is the dire need to free the na­tion from these neg­a­tive forces.

“We have had self-gov­er­nance for 56 years but we are still trapped. We have made mis­takes and are suf­fer­ing the con­se­quences, but be­hind the nat­u­ral there is also the spiritual and the evil forces of the spiritual in­flu­ences the nat­u­ral realm,” said Owens.

“Hav­ing re­ceived spiritual free­dom and taken back our na­tion from evil pow­ers us­ing evil men, we must now ded­i­cate our na­tion to the God of heaven whom our found­ing fathers chose to com­mit it. They did so know­ing that ‘un­less the Lord build the house, they labour in vein that build it; ex­cept the Lord keep the city, the watch­man watch but in vain’,” added Owens.

For his part, Miller de­clared that spiritual free­dom en­ables a peo­ple to move be­yond po­lit­i­cal in­de­pen­dence to ex­pe­ri­ence eco­nomic in­de­pen­dence where they can build a so­ci­ety of equal rights and jus­tice with pros­per­ity for all.

“Spiritual free­dom en­ables a peo­ple to think hon­estly, gen­er­ously, to stand up for jus­tice, broth­er­hood and peace, to work dili­gently and cre­atively, to take re­spon­si­bil­ity to chart their own destiny in faith and obe­di­ence to the word of the liv­ing God that their way might be made pros­per­ous and have good suc­cess,” said Miller.

Pas­tors Michael McAnuff-Jones and Orville Ramo­can led prayers of thanks­giv­ing, while Pas­tor Ray Camp­bell made a prayer of re­pen­tance re­nounc­ing the sins of the past and break­ing all curses and evil as­sign­ments set against Ja­maica.

Pas­tor Owen Mitchell made a prayer of af­fir­ma­tion where he pro­claimed that all has been done in obe­di­ence to God on the ‘War­fare Walk’, while Bishop Michael Smith did a prayer of ex­pec­ta­tion to God for mir­a­cles, signs and won­ders, re­vival, and trans­for­ma­tion.

The reded­i­ca­tion ex­er­cise ended with a 19-point dec­la­ra­tion of the na­tion, in­clud­ing declar­ing that Ja­maica shall be a King­dom na­tion, one whose God is the Lord and that it will be trans­formed.

There was also a dec­la­ra­tion that the barks of the gun will die down to the sound of pro­duc­tive en­ter­prises, the spirit of vol­un­teerism and strong fam­ily life will be re­stored, and that ef­fec­tive gov­er­nance shall in­crease at the cen­tral and lo­cal lev­els.

The re­li­gious lead­ers fur­ther de­clared that Ja­maica shall be a so­ci­ety where law and or­der pre­vail, where the en­vi­ron­ment is safe for all, where ev­ery Ja­maican will have ac­cess to em­ploy­ment and the high­est qual­ity of ed­u­ca­tion and health­care.

They also de­clared that Ja­maica shall be num­bered among the most favoured na­tions to iden­tify with, bring­ing forth abun­dant in­crease and wealth and not be­ing in­debted.

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Mem­bers of the In­de­pen­dent Churches of God group­ing (from left) Indi McC­ly­mont-Lafayette, the Rev­erend Al Miller, Bishop Neville Owens, Pas­tor Owen Mitchell, and Michael Jones at the launch of the Men Ad­vanc­ing the Na­tion ‘Ting’ ini­tia­tive at the Courtleigh Ho­tel in New Kingston, re­cently.


Par­tic­i­pants in a Men Ad­vanc­ing the Na­tion Ting march around Kingston.

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