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Bush has ears and wall have eyes

Don’t be sur­prised if ev­ery­one and ev­ery­thing is a spy

Om­nipres­ence ev­ery­thing and ev­ery­one can see

Man­i­fes­ta­tion, thank you my Lord, our cre­ator our thing but

Some a dem a tek your per­cepts fi a joke thing See­ing is not al­ways be­liev­ing and nuh ev­ery­thing you hear you can be­lieve

Nuff peo­ple can be de­ceiv­ing, be­cause dem want to have you as dem slave

Me and my peo­ple born in serv­ing, and to my Lord Ser­vice is not a game

Some peo­ple are an­noy­ing, some peo­ple are just slow

But with the right teach­ing they all must grow Life is not a play thing, the master has the keys And all or most times when you pray to him must be on our knees

In­ter­fer­ence can be dis­turb­ing, so re­main fo­cus and strive

And when you find my Lord you just found your lives

Not to worry about pay­ment, hey with my Lord we have a ful­gage­ment

Be­lieve me ev­ery­thing inna di pipe­line, With my Lord, ev­ery­thing must be fine

For the right­eous the jew­els are oil­ing up

But for the wicked their bulbs so bust Be­cause I have seen the wicked spread­ing them­selves like a green bay tree

Yet they pass away and lo! They was not

I try to find them but they could not be found They just pass through to take up space and they all are just clowns

Om­nipresent thank you cre­ator a you pushes me fur­ther

All pow­er­ful as you should

My Lord my God my King a you a do ev­ery­thing

Om­ni­science a you a me daddy

You give, you take, you build, you break, you love, you hate

Thank you my Lord, my Cre­ator, my king that now I am awake

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