Man­dev­ille Hos­pi­tal run to a wreck

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ITH UTMOST dis­gust and dis­ap­point­ment, I write with a heavy heart about the con­di­tions of Man­dev­ille Hos­pi­tal. I am from Manch­ester, and when I saw that beau­ti­ful build­ing I was im­pressed, so when I came to Ja­maica, I was happy to see the struc­ture.

Re­cently, I was back in Ja­maica and had to take two fam­ily mem­bers to the hos­pi­tal. On en­ter­ing the fa­cil­ity, I was to­tally floored. The walls were dirty, floors not clean, and it smelled like a hos­pi­tal.

When I took my lit­tle neph­ews to the emer­gency room, I saw 15 pa­tients, most with drip ap­pa­ra­tus at­tached with noth­ing com­ing, be­cause they were empty and ap­peared to have blood on the re­verse. Nurses were walk­ing non­cha­lantly back and forth, not con­cerned one bit.

My nephew, who has been throw­ing up, was in so much pain. I tried to get the nurses’ at­ten­tion, but to no avail. He fainted in my arms. I rushed him in­side an of­fice, where I re­alised a fe­male doc­tor had no sense of ur­gency. She pro­ceeded to take his vi­tals and put a drip in his arm, al­though she could not find a stand to hang the drip bag.


Those nurses were the most un­pro­fes­sional, un­car­ing, un­sym­pa­thetic hu­man be­ings who, I pre­sume, took an oath to care for those who need help.

I saw a lady come in­side with a lit­tle girl who was hav­ing an asthma at­tack. She could not breathe, and al­though I had a sit­u­a­tion with my fam­ily, I cried out to one nurse, “Can you please help that lit­tle girl?” She looked at me with dis­dain and con­tin­ued on her leisurely stroll.

I took my nephew to the bath­room and there was no toi­let pa­per, no pa­per tow­els, and just a trickle from the faucet. Urine and fae­ces were all over.

Man­dev­ille Hos­pi­tal is just a build­ing to look at on the out­side. Step in­side, it’s a dump. And all those self-serv­ing, ar­ro­gant, doc­tors and nurses who took that oath should be ashamed of them­selves and shouldn’t be al­lowed in any in­sti­tu­tions that treat sick peo­ple.

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