... Liv­ing in whirlpool cre­ated by self­ish­ness and greed

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WE ARE en­ter­ing into a whirlpool of self-con­cern. It is a sys­tem cre­ated by self­ish­ness and greed. If Chris­tian­ity is the con­cern for God and for others, athe­ism is a de­nial of the value of char­ity and con­cern for others.

Look at the crazi­ness of abor­tion. How can a mother kill her child as a sacri­fice to pre­serve her life, how can we throw away our par­ents so that the young may pros­per pre­fer­ring their own lives over the care and pro­tec­tion of their el­derly par­ents, who gave them life? How can the rich coun­tries trade with the poor coun­tries to squeeze out the last pen­nies to fill their pock­ets? How can wealthy peo­ple seek greater and greater profit and not care for their em­ploy­ees and their need for fam­ily life and hous­ing and ba­sic commodities.

Why all the sui­cide to­day among chil­dren and el­ders? Why all the promis­cu­ity, and, self-in­dul­gence in food, cloth­ing, par­ties, tat­toos?

God is be­ing elim­i­nated from schools, our world is throw­ing out its an­cient val­ues, Chris­tians are be­ing per­se­cuted, the Church is in dis­ar­ray, fam­ily life is be­ing re­jected by chil­dren and adults, drugs are le­galised, mad­ness is ev­i­dent in the streets. So many peo­ple are in rags, so many peo­ple are naked or half-naked sleep­ing on the streets and beg­ging in our ghet­toes.

Rev­e­la­tions tells us, “The great city will be thrown down, never again to be seen. Never again will there be mu­sic; no harpists, min­strels, trum­peters, and flutists. Never again will an ar­ti­san of any trade be found in you...never again will the light of a lamp shine on you ... . The voice of bride­groom and bride will never again be heard in you ... . You led the na­tions astray by your magic spell.” (Rev 18:1-2, 2123, 19:1-3).

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