Re­al­ity TV makes you for­get re­al­ity

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RE­CENTLY I had some time off, so I was at home for a few days (don’t clap, it wasn’t all that great). Any­hoo, be­cause my pock­ets aren’t long enough for me to ‘braff’, I de­cided I would spend most of my time watch­ing tele­vi­sion. The only prob­lem with that is there re­ally isn’t any­thing on. By the way, my cable provider kindly let me know that there are a few channels which I will no longer be able to ac­cess. Hmm, don’t sup­pose my bill is go­ing to de­crease like­wise. Bet­ter yet, they will prob­a­bly re­place said channels with ones that I’m not go­ing to watch. But that’s an­other col­umn for an­other time.

So among the shows I was able to find was the Mi­ami edi­tion of Love & Hip Hop. Now let me make a dis­claimer. I’m not a fan of re­al­ity TV, es­pe­cially since I re­alised so many of the shows were fake. At the very least, some of the con­tent in many of the shows is fake. Added to that there is the fact that un­less you have an ac­tual in­ter­est in any of the char­ac­ters, it may not be your cup of hot bev­er­age.


But as you get older, you give stuff a chance. So I de­cided to take in a few episodes of Mi­ami edi­tion. About half­way through episode three (note, I’m not even sure what sea­son of the show I was watch­ing), I kinda re­alised why peo­ple watch these things. Truth is, there’s so much bad news on TV, from mur­ders and gov­ern­ment shut­down and im­pend­ing war in for­eign lands, that peo­ple need an es­cape.

I am all for peo­ple keep­ing abreast of what’s hap­pen­ing in the world. But se­ri­ously, if you’ve heard about one sui­cide bomb­ing, you’ve heard of them all. If you read about a stock mar­ket crash­ing in, let’s say Sin­ga­pore, it’s gen­eral knowl­edge, but are you re­ally go­ing to NEED it? I know peo­ple who will lis­ten to talk ra­dio from as early as six in the morn­ing. A whole heap a chat­ting that. Jeez.

Surely, there is a place for ‘mind­less’ en­ter­tain­ment. Granted, the con­stant feud­ing of the re­al­ity TV char­ac­ters and the fights can be a lit­tle te­dious. But then again, our politi­cians are al­ways feud­ing and fight­ing and we tune in to watch that ev­ery time. Plus, if you think about it, our politi­cians only feud about cer­tain things. If they are propos­ing to in­crease their salary, I guar­an­tee they will be all in agree­ment. Plus, we know some of these mem­bers of par­lia­ment and sen­a­tors are re­ally good friends out­side of Gor­don House. So who’s to say their ‘beef’ is any more real than the one be­tween these TV stars?

Per­son­ally, at least, I found Love & Hip Hop Mi­ami to be comedic. And for a guy like me who walks with his head down half the time, and who some­times feels like the world is against him, I’m glad when I can find some­thing to make me laugh. Life is too short to not have fun, so if part of your fun comes from watch­ing TV, do your thing.

Now let’s not get car­ried away. I’m not ad­dicted to the show or any other re­al­ity TV pro­gramme. First off, while the women are pretty, there’s a lit­tle too much ‘ex­tra’ stuff on them. From the boobs and the butts to the fin­ger­nails (se­ri­ously, how dem peel ba­nana?), some­times I just want a more nat­u­ral look. Two, the cussing can get a bit te­dious. All when dem nah quar­rel bout sumt­ing, dem a cuss. And can they please stop fight­ing and a dash weh food? Nuff peo­ple woulda love the likkle chicken.

As for other re­al­ity shows, I’ll judge them one at a time. But there’s one I’m sure me not watch­ing. I’m not about to take my eye­sight and try keep­ing up with dem peo­ple deh whose names I won’t even write. Even with re­al­ity TV, I draw the line some­where. Later.

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