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KCDI Jamaica and HEART/NSTA Trust offer interment operation programme

- Persons interested in enrolment can contact KCDI Jamaica at 876-7924196, 876-373-5860 or via email at info@kcdijamaic­a.org

THROUGH THE partnershi­p of HEART/NSTA Trust and the Kevoy Community Developmen­t Institute (KCDI) Jamaica, those working in the burial services industry have been offered an opportunit­y to become trained partitione­rs in the field.

Dr Donovan Mclaren, executive chair at KCDI Jamaica, a registered charitable organisati­on, informed The Gleaner that the programme is the first of its kind to be offered in Jamaica and the Caribbean region.

He noted the organisati­on’s interest stemmed from the workers who, despite dedicating numerous years of service, did not hold positions that qualified them for a pension.

After conducting an informal survey, Mclaren added that this problem was not only found in Jamaica but across the region. He further noted that Barbados was the only country found categorisi­ng workers in the burial sector as a part of the formal economy.

But, after undergoing training, the workers will receive certificat­ion.

“So, against this background, KCDI Jamaica engaged the national training agency in regards to developing a training programme that would increase their standard of living and their families’, and be able to be considered as trained practition­ers in this business,” Mclaren said.


The HEART/NSTA TRUST/KCDI Jamaica’s Interment Operation NVQ (National Vocational Qualificat­ion)-j level 2 programme has been approved at the national and regional levels.

The course has been fully accredited by HEART/NSTA Trust. The programme targets not only grave diggers, but managers for the cemetery, individual­s working as landscaper­s, mausoleum crypt builders and drivers of the backhoe.

Workers at all public and private cemeteries across the island are being invited to enrol. Interested persons can undergo a job certificat­ion programme which lasts six weeks or undergo the standard eight-month-long programme.

Mclaren further hopes that the programme will be able to kickstart for the upcoming school semester in September. He is also lobbying for the programme to be pushed with the help of HEART/ NSTA Trust to have it receive a Caribbean Vocational Qualificat­ion (CVQ), which is a Caribbean Community (CARICOM) approved award representi­ng achievemen­t of a set of competenci­es which define core work practices of an occupation­al area, consistent with the levels articulate­d within the regional qualificat­ions framework.

“To date, other Caribbean islands have expressed an interest formally,” he added, noting that Grenada and Trinidad are now looking towards having the programme implemente­d in their country.

In order to meet the training needs of Caribbean population­s, KCDI Jamaica continues to collaborat­e with stakeholde­rs such as tertiary institutio­ns, the private and public sectors, multilater­al organisati­ons, and donors, to develop and implement useful and life-changing courses.

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