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SINCE 1974, Ramson’s has continued to grow exponentia­lly, adding hundreds of products, launching their house brands: Sno White, Cubbies and Ramson’s, and significan­tly expanding their offices and warehouse space. After Chas. E. Ramson, came sister companies, Caribbean Foods Limited, Berec Caribbean Limited, and Acco Jamaica Limited. With each new venture, the Ramson’s legacy gathered strength.

John Ramson became managing director in 1984, and subsequent­ly chairman.

Elizabeth Silvera, who began her career as export secretary in 1971, watched as a five-man operation morphed into a company with over 170 employees. She has served as operations manager, deputy general manager and director of credit, the title she wears proudly today.

“Thirty years ago, we were delivering meats in a little Volkswagen bus all over town,” recalls Raymond Silvera, general manager. “There were no refrigerat­ed trucks back then. That meant more trips because you didn’t want the meat to go bad. Then eventually we got some coolers and that helped. Now we have a fleet of refrigerat­ed trucks. We’ve come a long way.”

Ramson’s also has two distributi­on centres on the island, because they felt getting goods to customers on a timely basis was important. “I hope for the future it will grow and we will import products that are meaningful that our customers will enjoy,” adds Raymond.

When pressed for the secret of keeping a family business flourishin­g four generation­s deep, Raymond and Elizabeth Silvera have a similar idea.

“It works because we all have our own department­s. We don’t have to butt heads because we all play different roles,” Elizabeth volunteers. “We’re a very close-knit family,” adds Raymond. “Everybody understand­s the philosophy. We all want to keep the business going and improve it as we go along.” John Ramson says: “We’ve done a hundred years, why can’t we do 200?”

All three are proud of how they’ve maintained the Ramson’s legacy of integrity and reliabilit­y during their tenure and have high hopes for generation­s to come. With succession as one of the company values, it is now up to Christophe­r and Phillip Ramson and Kathryn and Stephen Silvera, to continue the family values passed down over the past 100 years.

“I believe our future is bright,” says John, a great vote of confidence from a man who’s seen it all!

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Third and fourth generation

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