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Beverley Gonzalis


How long have you worked at Chas. E. Ramson Limited?

I have been working with Chas. E. Ramson Limited for 38 wonderful and blessed years.

What is your favourite memory of working with the company?

I have many wonderful memories with the company, from fun days when I won a beer-drinking contest to our staff luncheons and simple chitchats with my fellow co-workers, but watching the family grow right in front of me is the best of all. I remember Kathryn, Stephen, Phillip and Christophe­r coming here after school when they were children, and now to see them as adults taking charge is just the best.

What is your favourite product and why?

I have a lot of favourites like Foska and Jif but I love Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Milk. I use it in my punch almost every morning.

What was your biggest challenge?

Of all my years at Ramson’s, I didn’t think of anything as a challenge until COVID-19. During the restrictio­ns and the lockdown periods, I had to stay away from work because of my age, which was extremely challengin­g as I missed work and my work family. A lot of people would have been happy for the time off, but for me, it was a sad time as I really missed going to work every day.

What keeps you motivated after so many years?

Motivating yourself to work after so long has to do with passion. I love what I do. I love to hear, “Ms Bev makes the best tea”. I love doing what I have to do to make everyone comfortabl­e and happy so I take great pride in my work. I love interactin­g with my friends; every day at work is filled with laughter and joy, no matter how down I may feel at times. I have made some lifelong friendship­s here which I am extremely grateful for. They are kind, loving and always there to help me with anything.

Can you suggest any changes for the company for the next 100 years?

Ramson’s has definitely been doing great things to have achieved 100 successful years in the industry so I would just encourage them to continue to do great things and to continue to choose the right people to join the team who will believe in the Ramson’s brand.

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