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Dear Pas­tor, I am a reg­u­lar reader of your col­umn, and I want to tell you that you are do­ing a fine job. I am a se­nior cit­i­zen, but I still en­joy read­ing your col­umn. You are my big com­pany on the ra­dio at nights. When I don’t hear you at nights, I feel so an­gry.

Pas­tor, at my age, not many things bother me, be­cause I have my three chil­dren who are sup­port­ing me. Two of them live abroad; one in Canada and one in Amer­ica, and the other one is here in Ja­maica. They send me my money ev­ery month. The one who lives here in Ja­maica doesn’t have much, but he is at the house to see me ev­ery week­end.

I have a male friend, and he helps me a lot. He cuts the lawn and does my edges. But, he is more than my gar­dener. He keeps me happy. I have a lit­tle room down­stairs. I keep it clean for him. I have a friend, and she asked me who oc­cu­pies that room down­stairs. When I told her that it was my gar­dener, she laughed. She sus­pects that he does more than the gar­den­ing work, but I didn’t want to tell her. My chil­dren ac­cept that he is just my gar­dener. Pas­tor, I don’t sleep with him ev­ery night, but some­times I feel for a lit­tle bit of loving and I go down to the room or in­vite him up. My chil­dren don’t know that he is my lover.

He is not mar­ried, and he doesn’t Dear A.C., I am get­ting more and more of these let­ters, and my an­swer to you right now is very sim­ple. Please dis­cuss this prob­lem with your chil­dren. You are still hav­ing sex­ual urges, and you are not deal­ing with these urges very well. Some women would pray and take cold show­ers. Some would just read and try to fall asleep. You be­lieve that you should have sex to sat­isfy your sex­ual de­sires, and that is what you have been do­ing. So, you in­vite your gar­dener into your bed.

Be very care­ful about what you do. You are a se­nior cit­i­zen, and you should be show­ing ex­am­ples to oth­ers. But no one would even dream that you are such a hot se­nior cit­i­zen. That is why I am telling you to talk to your chil­dren and hear how they feel about the mat­ter.

Pas­tor have a woman of his own. Every­thing I have be­longs to my chil­dren. This house was their father’s house. I wanted to write a long time to tell you about my prob­lem, so please an­swer me.


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