G WHIZZ FALLS FLAT Singer re­ceives mi­nor in­juries af­ter div­ing into crowd

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While per­form­ing at the Re­lease Col­lege Tour that was held at the Port­more Com­mu­nity Col­lege last Mon­day, en­ter­tainer G Whizz sud­denly sprang into the air to dive into the arms of some fe­males who were en­joy­ing his per­for­mance.

How­ever, in­stead of catch­ing him, the crowd parted like the Red Sea, caus­ing the Life Soon Sort Out singer to slam into the ground, leav­ing some per­sons to won­der if he was dead or alive.

But the singer told THE STAR that his in­juries were min­i­mal.

“A just some scrape pon di fingers dem be­cause I was hold­ing the mic when I fell, and mi just get up back same time and con­tinue the show,” he said.

Mo­ti­vated by the re­sponse that he was get­ting from singing his hit song, he ex­plained that he was try­ing to take his per­for­mance to a higher level by spring­ing into the air, soar­ing like a bird for a few sec­onds be­fore land­ing on his hands, which pre­vented him from suf­fer­ing more se­vere in­juries.

“The show was just full of vibes, and mi just deh deh a sing, and di crowd a sing wid mi. Di way the show get nice, mi just de­cide fi dweet,” he told THE STAR.

“Be­fore I jumped, I leaned into the crowd a cou­ple times and the girls dem ketch mi. It was just fun, but peo­ple nuh see all a dat (his per­for­mance), dem see di drop,” G Whizz added.

Now that a clip of the in­ci­dent has been go­ing vi­ral, he said that rather than feel­ing em­bar­rassed, he is laugh­ing just as much as ev­ery­body else is.

“I was laugh­ing when I fell, and now that it out and it gone vi­ral and peo­ple a laugh, I am laugh­ing too,” he said.


Point­ing out that it is all entertainment, G Whizz said that this is not the first time he has had a mishap while per­form­ing.

“One time when I was on stage and I was per­form­ing in Canada, my pants buss out and mi underpants a show. I was in the mid­dle of mi show, and mi haffi con­tinue sing. The peo­ple there were laugh­ing too, but dem en­joy the show same way too. So a just entertainment, it come wid some spon­ta­neous mo­ments,” he told THE STAR.

And since fel­low en­ter­tainer Pop­caan posted a clip of the in­ci­dent on his In­sta­gram page, the post has took on life of its own with a mul­ti­tude of per­sons com­ment­ing and re­post­ing it. How­ever, G Whizz said that the Un­ruly Boss went fur­ther than just up­load­ing the video.

“Big up Pop­caan cause him post it and it go vi­ral. Him ac­tu­ally mes­sage me af­ter, and I was in­vited to his up­com­ing show in De­cem­ber in St Thomas,” he said.

With an­other per­for­mance sched­uled for to­mor­row in Brown’s Town, St Ann, he said he could not prom­ise that he would not try the stunt again.

“I re­ally don’t know what to ex­pect be­cause some­time when yuh per­form­ing and the vibes a di whole show, things just hap­pen. Same like how mi neva wake up and say mi a go jump off a di stage a Port­more to­day,” he said.

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