Im­plant ex­plodes in woman’s butt


Deb­bian James was in search of the per­fect fig­ure when she forked out US$5,000 (J$667,761) for her butt im­plants. How­ever, since then the ex­pe­ri­ence has been noth­ing short of a night­mare, as her body is now de­te­ri­o­rat­ing.

“Right now, this is the worst de­ci­sion I have ever made in my life,” James said.

In tears, James told THE WEEK­END STAR that she was very ex­cited when she first got her new butt, as it al­lowed her to be very con­fi­dent, some­thing she was not ca­pa­ble of do­ing be­fore.

She said that men be­gan telling her that she was very sexy, and she got a lot of at­ten­tion when she went out.

The new found at­ten­tion be­came a night­mare for James, as only a year after do­ing the pro­ce­dure, she started to ex­pe­ri­ence un­bear­able pain in her lower back. She said that she thought it was only linked to her pe­riod, but it got worse over time.

“Mi nor­mally feel back pain dur­ing my time, so a never noth­ing me did a pree too much. But mi re­mem­ber one day the pain lick me and me couldn’t move. A deh so me did haffi go doc­tor be­cause it did se­ri­ous,” she said.

The visit to the doc­tor did not give her any an­swers. She said she was given tablets, but the pain con­tin­ued.

She later re­alised that the skin on sec­tions of her hip had blis­ters and cuts that were not nor­mally there. With her con­di­tion wors­en­ing, she de­cided to go back to the doc­tor in the United States, who did the im­plant, to find out what was wrong.

“Mi skin start tear, and it did re­ally painful. It did feel like me butt a drop, so me go back a the doc­tor be­cause the pain did too much. When mi go to the man, him seh mi body a re­ject the sil­i­cone and me haffi tek it out,” she said.

Dr Win­ston Dawes, the chief ex­ec­u­tive of­fi­cer of Ma­hogany Health & Fit­ness in St Mary, told THE WEEK­END STAR that any for­eign sub­stance in­jected in the body can yield bad re­sults. He said that once the sub­stance comes in con­tact with the tis­sues, it may cause a very se­ri­ous re­ac­tion.

Dawes also ex­plained that there are se­ri­ous con­se­quences when peo­ple do butt im­plants be­cause in some cir­cum­stances it may lead to death.

“Some­times the doc­tors in­ject a bal­loon into the body and if it rup­tures you can get a very bad scar­ing. A lot of times, it is done at places that are not qual­i­fied and then bad things hap­pen,” he said.

Ter­ri­fied of what was to come, James said she de­cided to fol­low the US doc­tor’s in­struc­tions and re­move all the sil­i­cone. Sadly, some of it was em­bed­ded in her flesh. She said that she has been in pain ever since and is con­stantly on an­tibi­otics be­cause of the bac­te­ria in her body. So far, she said that she has spent US$3,000 (J$400,656) to re­move some of the sil­i­cone, and she is due for an­other doc­tor visit next year.

“This is very frus­trat­ing, and I re­gret the day I did this,” she said.

“Ev­ery time I shower, it seems like my skin is tear­ing apart. I am con­stantly on pills. The life they create in me­dia is not al­ways true. I am proof that this is true. I would never en­cour­age any­one to do it.”

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