I ‘sea­soned’ my breast for scorn­ful lover


STAR, one time me did have one re­ally id­iot man. After me deh wid him, me re­alise say him nuh have no re­spect for women.

When me just meet him, he was OK, and him stay a me house for a few days and ev­ery­thing seemed fine un­til me start see my pe­riod.

Him say him have to leave, but me never make much of it. Him come back cou­ple days after and stay, and I al­lowed him to.

A few weeks later, my pe­riod came back, and this time, I went to visit him and lay on his bed. Him tell me say how me a dis­re­spect him.

Me look at him puz­zled, only to hear him ask why me go on him bed and me un­clean. It take me min­utes to re­alise say a me pe­riod him a talk bout.

It turn inna one big dirty ar­gu­ment be­cause him say me shouldn’t even come round him know­ing that me a ‘bleed’. Me shame so till all cry me cry, and then me leave.

That pass and gone, and me go back a him house. When me bathe, me no­tice say him pull a dif­fer­ent soap, so me ask him why.

Him say man and woman must not bathe with the same soap be­cause me use it wash my pri­vate parts. Then and there me know me have enough of him, and me pre­pare for him.

Me put on mi sexy lin­gerie and go in bed. Nat­u­rally, him go out­side go smoke weed and say him a pre­pare for me.

Me just use that time and feel up my­self and then rub my hands all over my breasts dem. Me rub my­self un­til I cli­max and then rub my fin­gers all over and go in front the fan and let it dry. Af­ter­wards him come in and get down to busi­ness, and me a tell yuh, STAR, say is like the man live on my nip­ple like him a breast­feed.

Me just watch him and smile to my­self.

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