Dwayne Sa­muels, bet­ter known as Kool Kid of Chi Ching Ching’s Get There Squad, has been work­ing the dance­hall cir­cuit in Canada for the past two months. The dancer trav­elled there with Ching to per­form on some shows. After Ching left to con­tinue pro­mot­ing his new al­bum Turn­ing Ta­bles, Kool Kid stayed be­hind to con­tinue pro­mot­ing him­self. “Danc­ing give me a work visa. Visa nuh up yet, suh mi ah gwaan work,” Kool Kid told THE WEEK­END STAR. While in the Great White North, Kool Kid is busy do­ing what he does best, per­form­ing at shows and host­ing dance­hall work­shops. “Danc­ing is a lot. It goes a long way. All those white peo­ple you see come to Ja­maica, I teach them all. It’s not just Xpres­sionz or Dance Ja. I’ve been do­ing work­shops for a long time, just not with the big dance stu­dios,” he said. “Mi wi have 20 to 30 white peo­ple on my roof in my com­mu­nity in Moun­tain View. Peo­ple fly in fi me teach them. Mi nuh have no prob­lem with the stu­dio dem, but mi can build mi own ting.” Kool Kid’s last work­shop be­fore trav­el­ling was with a group of Aus­tralians. “Twenty-odd white peo­ple re­quest me to teach them dance­hall. Any­weh me deh, dem wah guh, even if it’s in the ghetto. If me say them good, dem ready. An’ nuh­body have no prob­lem. The peo­ple love to see the tourists come into the com­mu­nity.”

Danc­ing is Kool Kid’s bread and but­ter and is some­thing he would like to do for the rest of his life.

“I love do­ing it with all my heart. It drives and mo­ti­vates me. It keeps my mind pos­i­tive. Danc­ing is ev­ery­thing,” he said. Even­tu­ally, the danc­ing am­bas­sador hopes to ful­fil a for­got­ten dream of the leg­endary Bogle, who many wanted to see open a dance stu­dio.

“Bogle al­ways wanted to do that. We weh used to deh round him, we used to say we woulda love to see him have a dance stu­dio one day,” he said.

Kool Kid es­ti­mates that he has worked the dance­hall scene for about 18 years, and that for the last decade, he has been af­fil­i­ated with the Get There Squad.

He at­tributes sus­tained suc­cess in the dance world to hard work.

“It’s wild and like a jun­gle, not like vi­o­lent, but there are a lot of peo­ple try­ing to go for them food,” he said.

Speak­ing of food, Kool Kid is the in­ven­tor of some of Chi Ching Ching’s no­table moves, in­clud­ing ‘Rice and Peas’.

“I cre­ated those moves and Chi Ching Ching give me the stu­dio vibes. From ‘Bread­fruit’ to ‘Rice and Peas’, ah me ah run the danc­ing kitchen,” he said.

Fol­low­ing the path of dancers be­fore him, Kool Kid has ven­tured out of the kitchen and into the stu­dio. In 2016, he col­lab­o­rated with Harry Tod­dler on the sin­gle called Get Up.

Kool Kid ad­vises any­one who wants to trod a sim­i­lar path to “Work hard and love what you do. Keep out of trou­ble and vi­o­lence, be­cause that nuh work with party and go­ing to dance”.

Kool Kid of the Get There Squad

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