Look wah two cock­roach can cause

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Soh a black woman up ya goh a one branch of a pop­u­lar de­part­ment store an buy some sheets. Bout two months lata wen she fi­nally open dem, she see two roach come outa di pack­age. Quick-quick she claat up di roach dem inna dem nas­tiniss an kill dem. She de­cide say di store need fi know wa hap­pen, an she wanted dif­fer­ent ones. She drop inna di store an goh di cus­tomer ser­vice sec­tion an present di sheet dem wid di two roach dem! As di white fe­male store clerk see di roach dem she scream an run an bawl out, “get away from me! Get away from me!” A trig­ger-happy se­cu­rity guard see di clerk a run an scream an run ova deh an grab up di woman who a re­turn di sheet dem. Di woman she get bex an staat fling bay bax inna di se­cu­rity guard face. Him in turn get bringle an ba­si­cally body slam har to di ground an fling on di tie strip supm dem roun har wrist dem, so she ba­si­cally hand­cuff.

Same time di woman staat bawl out say dem jus tun har inna a mil­lion­aire caa she a goh sue out dem claat.

By dis now some oda store em­ploy­ees an bosses run ova an staat en­quire a waa gwaan. A deh soh now di store clerk ex­plain say a di roach dem an freak har out and not di woman.

Di store boss dem im­me­di­ately or­der di se­cu­rity guard fi tek up di cus­tomer an re­lease har.

Afta dat dem woulda kill har wid apol­ogy. One a di man­ager dem staat give it to di se­cu­rity guard say him over­re­act. Di se­cu­rity guard say a di clerk over­re­act by run­ning and scream­ing over two likkle roach. Di clerk say a fram she likkle bit she deathly afraid a roach an dat har job de­scrip­tion nuh say she haffi deal wid roach. Well, all di man­ager dem a try calm dung di cus­tomer, it naa work. She did in­deed call har lawyer, who presently a put togeda di case gainst di store fi sue dem. An jus like dat two cayliss cock­roach up­set a cus­tomer, trau­ma­tise a store em­ployee, mek a se­cu­rity guard feel like say him is a Navy Seal com­mando, and will likely re­sult in the store pay­ing a whole heap a money in a law­suit. Aay sah. Awright, leg­gomentz again. See unu nex Thurs­day same place yah soh. Nuff love an hon­our. Bless up. Road!!

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