PAINFUL! Dal­ton’s mom hurt by son’s sto­ries/com­ments


“What is the worst thing that peo­ple have said to you since he made those com­ments?,” I asked Sylvia Camp­bell as she poured her heart out about the rocky re­la­tion­ship she has with her fourth-born, Dal­ton Har­ris. Si­lence was the re­sponse. Dead si­lence! And the snif­fles in­ter­rupted. Sylvia, 52, could hold it no more. Tears streamed down her face, and not long af­ter she be­gan sob­bing. She said noth­ing. She just sat on a chair on her ve­randa in San­guinetti, Claren­don, and cried.

“If no­body did tell me seh Javon (the name she calls Dal­ton) woulda do me this, me woulda fight dem. Mi think Javon woulda run to me res­cue. Me never think Javon woulda dis­grace me, but it all right,” she moaned.

“It feel bad fi know the same per­son when yuh a shout fah, him a bash yuh. It hard,” added Sylvia. She told THE WEEK­END STAR that per­sons have called her names such as ‘dutty b**ch’ and ‘mis­er­able mad­woman’ as a re­sult of Dal­ton’s claims that he was se­verely ill-treated as a child. Chyrell Free­man, Sylvia’s friend, said the X Fac­tor singer’s mother has been de­pressed all week. She had read in the me­dia about al­leged abuse that her son ex­pe­ri­enced as a child, and was crest­fallen. Sylvia was drink­ing tea made from turmeric when THE WEEK­END STAR vis­ited the two-room rented house, which she oc­cu­pies along with her two youngest chil­dren. The tea, Sylvia said, is to help con­trol her blood pres­sure, which she said has shot through the roof. Dal­ton, 24, is tipped to win this year’s X Fac­tor UK, but in­stead of anx­iously await­ing his crown­ing mo­ment, Sylvia is a wreck. “Me caah eat, me caah sleep, me caah walk on the streets be­cause peo­ple a bash me,” the mother said. Dal­ton re­cently told the UK Mir­ror news­pa­per that he was abused as a child.

“There are more on my chest, arm, shoul­der, back, thighs, legs and feet. I was punched so hard by a guy dat­ing my mum, I crashed through a win­dow.”

“I was told that I should walk into the road and kill my­self,” said Dal­ton.


Sylvia in­sists that her son has been speak­ing half truths and may have de­cided to em­ploy them as a means of de­flect­ing at­ten­tion from the ho­mo­pho­bic fury which came af­ter a photo of him sit­ting in a fel­low con­tes­tant’s lap went vi­ral.

“Him a nuh gay nor nut­ten,” she said, while in­sist­ing that the com­ments are part of a pub­lic re­la­tions ploy be­ing em­ployed by Dal­ton.

Still, she loves her son to death, she says.

“My son was my every­thing and still is. The way me hurt last week, me nuh watch the com­pe­ti­tion. Me proud a me son be­cause each time me a seh: ‘God, look which part me a come from with Dal­ton and look weh him reach.’ But me cut up over the things weh him a talk seh,” she said.

With tears stream­ing down her face and her voice crack­ing, Sylvia wailed: “Javon, bring dis­grace pon me, oh God!”

“Af­ter how him daddy treat me and mi sid­dung wid dem same way. Only time me left dem a when me go work.”

Stomp­ing her feet, the in­con­solable Sylvia got up from her chair and dashed in­side the house, closely fol­lowed by Chyrell, who sought to calm her.

When calm re­turned, the mother of seven ad­mit­ted that her ex-boyfriend did punch Dal­ton.

She said that the mat­ter was re­ported to the po­lice, but, no charges were brought against him. She also said that she was re­spon­si­ble for the cut be­hind his ears. She has an ex­pla­na­tion.

“Dal­ton did rude, enuh. Me put down me light bill. It come to $850, and me put $800 un­der sup’m inna the house. Me look for it, and me nuh see it. Me hear sup’m un­der the bed and a Dal­ton, and me start lick him. Den mi hear him say: ‘Me head buss, me head buss’,” she said.

Sylvia said that she was moved to beat Dal­ton with a pair of slip­pers be­cause she was a stressed out sin­gle mother with no help and her elec­tric­ity was dis­con­nected.

The other scars, she said, came as a re­sult of him fall­ing off a bi­cy­cle or be­ing a rude child. And as for the state­ment about be­ing run over by a truck, she pleads guilty with ex­pla­na­tion.

“Him jus deh pon so­cial me­dia a kill me and mek it look like me a di worst hu­man be­ing that God ever create. Me tell him bout the truck fi true, and me tell him.”

She said he had been giv­ing trou­ble all day, and, in her frus­tra­tions, she told him: “Javon, yuh see when Critton [a lo­cal driver] truck a pass, go in front a it and stand up right deh mek it run over yuh be­cause yuh give me too much prob­lem.”

“Peo­ple par­ents tell dem worse dan dat, and dem move past it,” she said.

“Him deh a Eng­land, and me can’t go no weh in peace. Peo­ple bash me here, peo­ple bash me there over me owna pick­ney. If sup’m hurt yuh dat much, all yuh coulda do a talk bout it.”

Chyrell Free­man (left) con­soles Sylvia Camp­bell af­ter she broke down dur­ing the in­ter­view.

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