My plan to take my friend’s man back­fired

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STAR, a ting hap­pen to mi some years ago, it take me a while to speak openly about it the way mi did shame.

Mi learn mi les­son and mi lost a good friend, but a so it go.

She had a boyfriend who she al­ways a boast bout. Mi nah lie, him take care of her and she re­ally never short of any­thing.

She al­ways a com­plain though say him have woman and mi did feel bad mind, so mi al­ways en­cour­age her to leave him. Cou­ple days af­ter them have a big ar­gu­ment, mi put mi plan to work.

Mi text him on Face­book and a tell him say mi feel him pain and that mi fren don’t know what she have. Him tell mi thanks to reach out to him and nat­u­rally, mi keep up the convo.

A few days later, him in­vite mi to lunch and mi go, and all carry back some for mi friend. Mi tell her say mi meet a youth who in­vite mi to lunch.

For the next two weeks or so, mi and him live like bench and bumpa. We deh ev­ery­where to­gether and when him in­vite mi to a ho­tel, mi quickly say yes.

Mi go, and me and him do we thing and it was good. Mi fren text and ask mi where I was and I told her I was on a date with my new man, and she say OK and laugh.

Mi and her man do round two and mi nah lie, mi do all a the tings dem to him.

When we fin­ish, him tell mi him a go out­side go take a phone call. When mi hear the door open later mi never look, cuz mi think a him.

Mi al­most fly in the air when the first lick reach me. When mi look, a mi fren dat a fling some lick pon mi. Mi anuh fighter, so mi just have to run down­stairs as fast as mi can, stark naked. It turns out, mi fren and her man plan fi mi af­ter mi text him and start give him ar­gu­ment. Ah


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