Some pas­tors have to an­swer to God – Blair

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Pas­tor Bishop Herro Blair Jr be­lieves that some of his reli­gious col­leagues will have a lot to an­swer for on Judge­ment Day for the man­ner in which they have gone about rais­ing money for their churches.

“A lot of peo­ple take the gift of preach­ing and they use it to try to make money, and that is not what it is about,” Blair Jr said.

He was con­tacted by THE STAR to com­ment on money-col­lect­ing ploys be­ing em­ployed by some pas­tors, es­pe­cially those over­seas. Blair Jr said that be­ing in the min­istry should be about sav­ing souls.

“It is about bring­ing de­liv­er­ance to the cap­tive, it is about heal­ing the hurt,” he told THE STAR.

Although he says that money is needed in or­der to sur­vive, and the Church needs to make money in or­der for the doors to re­main open, Blair Jr said that he does not agree with some the meth­ods that some pas­tors have em­ployed to get col­lec­tions.

“We need to be re­spon­si­ble to God first and then be re­spon­si­ble to man, in terms of how we deal with what hap­pens within the church doors,” he said.

“An of­fer­ing is a free-will gift from an in­di­vid­ual to the Church, tithes is a re­spon­si­ble giv­ing for the up­keep of the Church and the pas­tor. So for us to be do­ing gim­micks for free-will of­fer­ing, I think it is pulling on the emo­tions of peo­ple,” he told THE STAR.

“I don’t mind if I am pray­ing for a per­son and they say, ‘Pas­tor, here is some­thing’; and even then, I have a choice to de­ter­mine whether I am gonna take it or not, be­cause it is not all about money,” he added.

And he be­lieves that all pas­tors should be trans­par­ent and tell Church mem­bers how much money is col­lected and how it will be spent.

“If they are not trans­par­ent, the mem­bers shouldn’t give. You must know what the money is do­ing,” he said.

Mean­while, dea­con Der­rick Foster of the Sts Peter and Paul Catholic Church, says it is to­tally wrong for pas­tors to de­mand or dic­tate how much of­fer­ing, each mem­ber or vis­i­tor of a church should give.

“Tithing is some­thing that en­cour­aged, but it is not some­thing that peo­ple are told that they must give,” he said.

He be­lieves that pas­tors should take into con­sid­er­a­tion, that mem­bers can give ac­cord­ing to their needs.

“You can­not give to the Church and at the end of the day, you do not have any­thing for your­self,” he told THE STAR. is

Herro Blair Jr

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