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Dear Pas­tor, I am writ­ing to you be­cause I am hav­ing a prob­lem. I am a se­cu­rity guard, and I am liv­ing with my girl­friend. I love her. She said that she loves me, but it doesn’t look that way to me. When I am on the day shift, I have to get up and make my own break­fast while she is in bed. Some­times I even leave some of what I have pre­pared for her.

When­ever I come home, din­ner is not ready. I asked her what she was do­ing and she said: “I was sleep­ing.” I asked her if she was sleep­ing all day, and she said noth­ing is wrong with that. I com­plained to her mother, and her mother spoke to her. She was very upset, and told me that I should not com­plain to her mother when­ever we have a prob­lem. She is 28 years old and I am 26.

My fa­ther told me that my mother used to treat him bet­ter than how this girl is treat­ing me, and I should not al­low her to do as she pleases. Some­times on week­ends, I have to wash my own uni­form. I would give her money to go to the mar­ket from in the morn­ing, and she is out all day. When she re­turned home, I asked her where she was. She said she met up with friends and time caught up with her.


I like to have soup on Satur­days, but she would start pre­par­ing the soup late in the evening, and she doesn’t give me un­til in the night. When I am at home and my phone rings, she is quick to an­swer my phone, and if I an­swer my own phone she wants to know which girl is call­ing me. I don’t have an­other woman, but I am think­ing that I should. I go to church some­times on Sun­days, I told her she should go to church, ei­ther on Satur­day or Sun­day, but she is not in­ter­ested. I would like to find a good woman, some­one I can trust.

Not that I can’t trust the girl I am liv­ing with, but she is not treat­ing me the way a woman should treat a man. When it comes to sex, she gives me good sex. I can’t com­plain about that.

A.F. Dear A.F., You shouldn’t be liv­ing with this woman, and that’s the truth. What you have is just a girl­friend, and, un­for­tu­nately, she has never been taught how to take care of a man. She doesn’t feel like she has any obli­ga­tion at all to take care of a man. What this woman wants from you is your money. You say that the sex is good, but surely, that is not enough. Why should you be wash­ing your clothes ev­ery week­end and this woman is not work­ing? Surely, she doesn’t have a heart. She looks at you as an id­iot.

Some young women read­ing your let­ter may say the girl is quite cor­rect be­cause the girl is not your helper. But I say to you that good women take plea­sure in tak­ing care of their men, es­pe­cially when these women re­alise that the men are bring­ing home the ba­con. Men don’t have to ask for much. Good women do what they know they should do to keep the re­la­tion­ship go­ing, and they even go the ex­tra mile.

This woman stays in bed, although she knows that you have to get to work at a cer­tain time, and she does that with reg­u­lar­ity. No, she is not a good woman, and if you had in­tended to marry her, I beg you to per­ish the thought. Don’t put any ring on this woman’s fin­ger. If you feel that you should give her a chance, both of you should go and see a fam­ily coun­sel­lor.


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