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Awoman up ya a live nex to har sista. Dem live inna di same com­plex but dem manij fi get two dif­fer­ent apart­ments nex to one anneda. At first, sista num­ber two did al­ways a stay by di odda one who was the first fi live a di com­plex. Wen di ad­join­ing apart­ment open up next to her, sista two jus scoop it up an rent it. Soh now di two a dem well close an do nuff tings togeda. Weneva eeda one a goh do laun­dry, she would jus get di laun­dry fram har sista apart­ment an dweet too. One day sista num­ber one a do di laun­dry an, as usual, goh get har sista dutty clothes. Wen she a pick up har sista clothes she no­tice a fa­mil­iar scent. It was di cologne scent fram fi har man. She an har sista was so close, wid each know­ing all a di oda one per­fumes, dat dere was no rea­son fi har sista clothes have di scent a har man cologne.


Cut long story short, she in­ves­ti­gate an did in­deed find out say har sista a tek har man!

Wen ev­ery­t­ing did buss out it was one hell­eva a cussing-out be­tween di two a dem out­side a dem apart­ments.

Dem all nearly fight. Is one a dem neigh­bour did haffi come out an part dem an mek di two a dem goh back a each a dem apart­ment.

Few days lata dem talk it ova, an reaf­firm dem bond an dem pledge dat dem naa mek no man come be­tween dem, an dat dem jus a goh al­ways sup­port each other an en­joy life.

In so do­ing, di two a dem goh to di man, an mek him know say every­body know bout di bun­ning

Unu ready fi dis? Dem pro­pose to him say all three a dem fi gwaan sleep wid each oda same way!!!!

Dem say di man did shock an ask: “You mean you want me to openly sleep with both of you?” To which dem re­ply “Well, in truth it’s not you sleep­ing with us, it’s that we have de­cided to sleep with you.”

Bossy jus run een pon di ting. Some­times him do it wid dem in­di­vid­u­ally, an odda times di three a dem shell out di ting. A dem say en­joy life right out. Any­ways, a leg­gomentz again eno. See unu nex Thurs­day same place yah soh. Jus gwaan bless up unu self an stay safe. Pro­tec­tion.


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