$7,000 can’t do any­thing


Mary Jane*, who lost her baby­fa­ther last year, said she is dis­sat­is­fied with the treat­ment from the Ja­maica Con­stab­u­lary Force (JCF) in which he served.

Jane told THE WEEK­END STAR that in March last year, the cop died in the line of duty.

She said after a year of try­ing to get fi­nan­cial help, she re­cently re­ceived a let­ter that told her she would be get­ting a lit­tle more than $7,000 per month, which she deems in­suf­fi­cient.

“He died leav­ing three chil­dren, two of them mine, and the mother of his other child said they haven’t said any­thing to her, ei­ther,” she said.

This is­sue comes only a week after fam­ily mem­bers of de­ceased law­men were in­vited to a lun­cheon at the Of­fice of the Com­mis­sioner of Po­lice.

“I am not work­ing a steady job right now, and I know that if their fa­ther was here I would not be go­ing through all this,” Jane cried.

She said that her life is in sham­bles since his death and, fi­nan­cially, it has been a strug­gle.

Hav­ing to ask for help from other fam­ily mem­bers, Jane be­lieves that the JCF needs to in­crease the amount of money it pays out to chil­dren of de­ceased of­fi­cers who were killed in the line of duty.

She said that her chil­dren are the ones who are suf­fer­ing be­cause their fa­ther usu­ally took care of their ed­u­ca­tional needs.

“I used to buy them food and clothes and he would pay their school fees and buy their books, and now he is not here to do that,” she cried. “My chil­dren are suf­fer­ing, too, be­cause they have got very quiet and stay to them­selves. My older son has even lost weight since his fa­ther’s death.”

Jane also said that her sons now have anger is­sues be­cause they are in dis­be­lief about his death.

She said their fa­ther worked hard to give them a good ed­u­ca­tion and now that he is gone, she is do­ing all she can, but thinks the JCF needs to pull their weight.

“I just want them to show more in­ter­est and try to put out more ef­fort. $7,000 can­not do any­thing for the week, much less for a month. My son is go­ing to do CSEC and I had to make him drop two of his sub­jects, be­cause I can­not pay for it,” she said.

*Name changed

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