My niece said my hus­band got her preg­nant

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Dear Pas­tor, This is my sec­ond let­ter to you. I don’t know if my first let­ter was pub­lished, I didn’t sign it. It was signed ‘de­pressed’. Well, I am so de­pressed. I have been mar­ried for 17 years, and my hus­band and I have three chil­dren to­gether. Ev­ery­thing was go­ing well in my fam­ily un­til my niece came to live and work with us. She was only 19 years old and liv­ing in the coun­try. She was not work­ing or at­tend­ing school.

Although we have a helper’s room, we did not make her sleep there. We treated her as a part of the fam­ily and had her sleep with our daugh­ter, who is seven years old. She had her own bed and our daugh­ter had her bed. She took care of the house, and she washed and ironed. She was not good at cook­ing, but she was learn­ing. She used to eat a lot.

She be­came close to my hus­band, but I never thought they were hav­ing an af­fair. I didn’t see any­thing go­ing on be­tween them to make me sus­pect them. She was re­spect­ful to him. She called him ‘sir’. Then I ob­served that she was not look­ing right and com­plain­ing that she was feel­ing ill. I asked her what the prob­lem was, she said noth­ing. Then a few days after she was not feel­ing well, I told her that she should go to the doc­tor. I said it to my hus­band and he of­fered to take her. I still didn’t take that to mean any­thing.

My hus­band gave her $6,000 to go to the doc­tor. When she came back, she told me that the doc­tor said noth­ing was wrong with her. Then a few days after when I was at work, she packed her bags and went back to her mother in the coun­try. She told her mother that the doc­tor said she is preg­nant. It was my hus­band who got her preg­nant and he wanted her to do an abor­tion, but she was afraid. Her mother said that when she came to live with us she was a vir­gin, but my hus­band took her vir­gin­ity. She said he used to go into her room when I was not there and when our daugh­ter was asleep.

My hus­band calls her a liar. He said that he never had sex with her. But I am wor­ried, be­cause my hus­band is a very re­spectable man and is well known. I don’t know what to be­lieve. What should I do, pas­tor?

R.A. Dear R.A., You wouldn’t have to wait a long time to find out the truth. Your hus­band calls this girl a liar. In a few months, the truth will be known after the child is born. A DNA test can be done, and the truth will be re­vealed. You want to be­lieve your hus­band, but at the same time you know that it is quite pos­si­ble that the young woman could be speak­ing the truth.

You de­scribe your hus­band as a re­spectable man, but some­times re­spectable men and women do go out of line and get them­selves into trou­ble. And if your hus­band is guilty of im­preg­nat­ing this girl, he should come clean and tell you the truth.

I hope you will not curse this girl and call her bad, etc. If you see her as a bad girl, you would also have to be­lieve that your hus­band is bad too, be­cause he ‘jumped the fence’ and got in­volved with her. If the child the girl is car­ry­ing is fa­thered by your hus­band, see to it that he sup­ports the child.

Your hus­band has dis­graced him­self. Re­gard­less of what he says, if he is guilty he shows that he doesn’t re­spect you. He should have never had sex with your niece.


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