Of scan­dals and mur­dered women

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Have you ever bought a piece of cloth­ing that was worth ev­ery penny? It fits per­fectly, it is com­fort­able, and you looks good in it. You wear it ev­ery chance you get un­til peo­ple can as­so­ciate you with it.

How­ever, over time, it be­comes worn and faded. Even­tu­ally tears and com­pletely, loses its sheen. You still love it, but you are sad that it is not what it used to be.

Some­how, you fear the day when you might lose it for­ever.

That is how I feel about Ja­maica, es­pe­cially this week, when the worst of us have once again taken the spot­light.

The Petro­jam scan­dal should be a source of na­tional shame for all of us and the peo­ple elected to lead us be­cause this is not a JLP or PNP thing.

This is some­thing that both par­ties have al­lowed to get so out of con­trol that it makes you won­der how this was not an is­sue a long time ago.

Peo­ple are fo­cus­ing on the US$1000 cake, which is again, an­other ex­am­ple of how we tend to fo­cus on the triv­ial.

What con­cerns me ter­ri­bly is what hap­pened to the $J5 bil­lion worth of oil that can­not be ac­counted for.

Who are the ‘ma­gi­cians’ who made these 600,000 bar­rels of oil dis­ap­pear? I have been to Petro­jam and noth­ing gets in and out of that fortress just like that.

Peo­ple need to be locked up for this be­cause this is the height of cor­rup­tion and trea­son. Be­lieve me, there are peo­ple who be­came filthy rich out of this.

Fur­ther down on the food chain is the de­vel­op­ing story of two women from the UK, re­turn­ing res­i­dents, who ended up dead and buried in shal­low graves.

Why do we feel it nec­es­sary to kill these peo­ple who worked hard all their lives just so they could come home and live out the rest of their days in some level of com­fort?

Over the years, re­turn­ing res­i­dents have been at­tacked and killed for a va­ri­ety of rea­sons, none of them good ones.

More­over, it seems to be es­ca­lat­ing. I can­not even fathom why these heinous things con­tinue to hap­pen, but the root causes must be in­ves­ti­gated and ad­dressed.

These mur­ders are hurt­ing us more than peo­ple re­alise.

Ja­maica used to be a great place, but, over time, it has be­come faded and jaded by the con­sis­tency of cor­rup­tion and vi­o­lence.

We are def­i­nitely in need of a re­set. We need to wheel and come again.

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