Po­ten­tial Kidd finds suc­cess in Trinidad


Po­ten­tial Kidd has been la­belled a one-hit won­der by many in the lo­cal mu­sic sphere.

But, with re­cent buzz com­ing from an un­ex­pected place, the en­ter­tainer is de­ter­mined to find that next big hit come 2019.

He told THE WEEK­END STAR that he has been get­ting some pos­i­tive feed­back from fans in Trinidad and Tobago on a track he did six years ago.

He said Jump Pan Di C**ky is be­ing played a lot in the par­ties in the twin-is­land repub­lic and has re­opened the eyes of many to his tal­ent.

“Mi never ex­pect this be­cause a six years ago me re­lease da song deh. A sound name Tech Sounds play the song inna a dance dung deh, and di peo­ple dem love it. Him get over US$5000 inna ‘money pull-up’ inna di dance, and is like the song a go vi­ral since den,” he said. “Peo­ple start play it reg­u­lar and peo­ple start call me fi shows over deh. Me go some shows al­ready and shell down the place, and some peo­ple start ap­proach me fi do some work inna all car­ni­val.”

He said the buzz has given him a new per­spec­tive on the mu­sic in­dus­try as he is now think­ing of branch­ing into a genre he had no idea he would even touch.

“Mi feel proud, innu, be­cause a car­ni­val space dat ... A just bay nice­ness a gwaan fi me over Trinidad,” he said. “Me wah know if dem a go still a say inna Ja­maica say Po­ten­tial a one-hit won­der be­cause right now, inna Trinidad, me have one a di big­gest songs. Ev­ery bus, ev­ery car, ev­ery house inna ev­ery lane a say ‘Po­ten­tial’.”

He said that although peo­ple may not hear about him in Ja­maica, he is still do­ing sold­out shows else­where.

“Some man weh a big artiste nah get the crowd weh me get a show. Mi did feel a way when dem a say a one song me have, but me never make dat get me down be­cause peo­ple a go al­ways talk,” he said. “When peo­ple nah hear bout yuh, dem pree neg­a­tive, but me nah lis­ten weh peo­ple a say, me just stay so and a do the work.”

The en­ter­tainer said that he is ready to take the in­dus­try by storm in 2019 as he has a flurry of songs to re­lease.

He cur­rently has more than 20 songs he’s recorded and is hop­ing to sat­u­rate the in­dus­try soon.

Po­ten­tial Kidd

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