Some Chris­tian women only want ‘money men’

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Dear Pas­tor,

Greet­ings to you in Je­sus’ name. I greet all your read­ers and I wish every­body a pros­per­ous new year. I hope Ja­maica would be­come a bet­ter place for all of us to live in the year 2019.

I grew up in the Church. I am still at­tend­ing Church. I sing on the choir and some­times I preach. I have never been mar­ried.

The girls I liked when I was young didn’t seem to like me. I don’t have any chil­dren, and I am in my 60s. I don’t think I will bother about get­ting mar­ried.

Some of th­ese girls in the church are just like ‘worl­dians’. They are after

Dear C.K.,

Thank you for your words of en­cour­age­ment. I am glad you have en­joyed the col­umn over the years. You seem to have been dis­ap­pointed by women whom you love but who did not re­cip­ro­cate.

But I don’t think you are con­demn­ing all women. You say that some of the girls in church are like ‘worl­dians’. They like the same things that non-Chris­tian women like, such as houses, cars and money.

Don’t be too hard on th­ese women. All women, whether they are Chris­tians or non-Chris­tians, are seek­ing se­cu­rity and if a man can’t give a woman a cer­tain amount of se­cu­rity, a woman would go for him.

And, frankly, I see noth­ing wrong with that. A wise woman would not want to be sup­port­ing a man to­tally. We know that love is im­por­tant, but as the say­ing goes, “Money makes the world go round.” money, houses and cars. They are some good brothers in the church, but the girls push them to the back burner be­cause they are poor.


I have my own house and I am re­cently re­tired. But, this let­ter is not to ap­peal to you to help me find a wife. It is to en­cour­age you to keep up the good work that you are do­ing.

I would also like to let you know that I lis­ten to the pro­gramme ‘The Bi­ble Speaks’. The hymns are great. I would con­tinue to lis­ten ev­ery­thing.

Happy New Year to you.


In th­ese days, men who earn a lot seem to get the girls most peo­ple de­sire. Those women who have re­jected you, might have sent the wrong mes­sage to you.

But it is never too late for a shower of rain. Although you are re­tired and in your 60s, you may meet a good woman who may love and care for you. So, I wish you well.


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