My brother treats our home like a sex shop

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Dear Pas­tor,

I am 19 years old and I am hav­ing a prob­lem with one of my brothers who is 23. My fa­ther has five chil­dren, four with my mother and one out­side. My fa­ther and mother are liv­ing in Florida. I live at the fam­ily home with one of my brothers. He has lots of girl­friends, and he brings them to the house one by one. I com­plained to my par­ents, and they told him not to bring any­more women to the house. He has not stopped.

Re­cently, he brought one of his girl­friends. She didn’t look older than 16. When I told him the girl should not sleep with him at the house, he told me that he can do what­ever he wants. I told the girl that she should leave, and my brother wanted to fight me be­cause I told her to leave. I called my par­ents, and they spoke to him and told him that he shouldn’t al­low the girl to stay here.

On Jan­uary 3, 2019, he brought in an­other girl late in the night. I was not sleep­ing, but I was in bed. I could hear him hav­ing sex with the girl. I had to put a pil­low over my head be­cause

Dear M.J.,

If your brother does not be­lieve that he is re­spon­si­ble for get­ting this woman preg­nant, that will not be dif­fi­cult to prove. This woman should be en­cour­aged to take him to court, and a DNA test will prove whether or not he is the bi­o­log­i­cal fa­ther. In some homes, sib­lings don’t have re­spect for each other. Some sis­ters they were mak­ing so much noise. I did not see her be­cause he took her away

sleep with their men in the house while their par­ents are there, and some men sleep with their women while their par­ents are there, also. Some brothers and sis­ters share the same room with their lovers.

Ev­i­dently, your brother feels that noth­ing is wrong in tak­ing his women into your par­ents’ home. He ex­pects you to be quiet about it. And, if you were early in the morn­ing.

The rea­son why I am writ­ing you at this time is be­cause a woman came here to look for my par­ents. She said she is five months preg­nant for my brother. She said that she has not seen him since she told him that she is preg­nant, so she came to my par­ents to com­plain about him. I had to lie and tell her that he does not live at this house any­more. She is not work­ing, and she needs help to pur­chase things for the baby.


I have a boyfriend, but I do not let him come here and sleep with me. I am not a saint, pas­tor, but I have re­spect for my brothers, although they don’t have any re­spect for me. If my brother had one girl­friend, I could deal with that. But he has so many of them, and now he is hid­ing from one who is preg­nant. He said the child is not his. He did not want me to tell my par­ents, but I have al­ready told them, and it is caus­ing big prob­lems be­tween us.


al­low­ing your man to sleep with you, he prob­a­bly would have used that against you.

This woman who is preg­nant and is try­ing to find your brother will even­tu­ally find him. It would be bet­ter for him to face her and deal with the mat­ter. As I said, a DNA test can eas­ily prove that.


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