Cop saved my life years after I broke up his mar­riage

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STAR, one time mi did a play a ‘side man’ role to a woman whose hus­band was a po­lice. He was al­ways busy, and some­times he would spend weeks away from home. Mi never mind, be­cause I get to ‘pipe’ her up to three times a week some­times. Her two kids, dem call mi ‘Un­cle’, and mi nah tell no lie, mi did love her. One night I was tak­ing a shower at her home, and ac­ci­den­tally leave mi grad­u­a­tion ring there. When mi reach home and re­alise say me nuh have it, mi get a bad feel­ing same time say her hus­band see it.

The next night mi go by the house to col­lect it, and when mi knock the door, is her hus­band that greet mi at the door and give mi the ring. Mi take it and run off same time. Next ting mi know, mi drop a grung.

Mi did think a shot mi get, and it take mi a lit­tle while fi re­alise say a mi foot dem get weak and drop mi.

Me never go back to the house, and shortly after she and her hus­band di­vorce.

About 10 years later, mi a work in a next parish, and shot start fire. Mi panic and feel when a force push mi to the ground, and mi only hear when a shot whis­tle pass mi ears. When mi turn round to thank the per­son who save mi, STAR, would you be­lieve is the same po­lice­man whose mar­riage mi mash up? Mi tell him thanks and just walk weh when it safe, be­cause mi did feel so ashamed of what I did to him.

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