Steal­ing some­one’s baby is a wicked and heart­less act!

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It is my hope that the baby who was re­cently stolen from the Vic­to­ria Ju­bilee Hos­pi­tal will be re­turned. When the news broke last Wednes­day that the das­tardly act had taken place, mi feel sick same time.

I won­dered if I was hear­ing cor­rectly be­cause just the Mon­day an­other baby was stolen in Mon­tego Bay and was re­turned safely to the fam­ily. I was in dis­be­lief that at 5 a.m., a baby could dis­ap­pear into thin air without any mem­ber of staff know­ing about it or be­ing able to give ac­count for the lady’s mir­a­cle baby.

The mother, who is 41 years old and hy­per­ten­sive, had a baby in 2017 that sub­se­quently died. She tried again, and in Jan­uary 2019, gave birth to a baby boy. About 10 hours after giv­ing birth she said she had to rush to the bath­room to shower be­cause she was bleed­ing.

The lady seh she didn’t take long be­cause she in­tended to come back be­fore the baby wake up so she could at­tend to him. She re­ported that on her way to the bath­room, a mys­tery lady in jeans and mul­ti­col­ored top told her that it’s OK she can go to the bath­room, and she’ll get some­one to clean up the blood. The lady seh when she come back from the bath­room her baby was no where in sight. All was left on the bed was his lit­tle hat.

My bone of con­tention is what seems to be the neg­li­gence, care­less­ness and reck­less­ness of those who are in charge of this mother and her new born. Yuh mean fi tell mi seh no se­cu­rity, nurse, doc­tor, porter, an­cil­lary staff, no­body no see nut­ten?! Ju­bilee that was es­tab­lished in 1891, no have no sur­veil­lance cam­era?!

This is not the first oc­ca­sion that a baby is be­ing stolen from the hos­pi­tal, so what were the mech­a­nisms put in place to mit­i­gate such re­oc­cur­rence?! No man, mi cry liv­ing eye wata! Some­body know some­thing and nuff peo­ple a spec­u­late seh it seems like is an in­side job! I don’t know if it is in­side or out­side, but what I know is that the lady’s pre­cious baby ought to be re­turned in Je­sus name.


Can you imag­ine, yuh breasts full of milk, yuh buy yuh baby bath pan, nip­ple bot­tles, one­sie, Pam­pers and drib­bler and yuh haffi go home without yuh baby?! It is heart­break­ing and sad. Dah one yah need di­vine in­ter­ven­tion be­cause mi know the lady and her spouse not rest­ing well and mi know her blood pres­sure goodly inna the ceil­ing.

I am ap­peal­ing to any­one who may have in­for­ma­tion about the stolen baby to speak up be­cause mi sure if a did your baby yuh woulda want some­one to come for­ward. If you are the per­pe­tra­tor of this egre­gious act please just leave the baby at a church or po­lice sta­tion or even carry him come a Na­tion­wide News Net­work at 6 Bradley Av­enue to me.

Steal­ing some­one’s baby is a wicked and heart­less act!

There are many great and pro­fes­sional nurses, doc­tors, and other em­ploy­ees down a Ju­bilee, but yuh have some saucera down deh who un­pro­fes­sional and no care! It is a fact that some pa­tients can be dis­or­derly, dis­rup­tive, and dis­re­spect­ful but that does not mean unnu fi tek dem bad fat and fry ev­ery­one. Deal with each pa­tient ac­cord­ingly.

The lady al­leges that a worker at the hos­pi­tal ac­cused her of sell­ing the baby be­cause she naa cry and roll pon the ground! Mi al­ways tell unnu seh mi fraid a dunce peo­ple, es­pe­cially the one dem wid quar­ter brain cell! Even if that is the case, why was Ju­bilee used as the lo­cus for the trans­ac­tion to be done and who come fi “buy” baby at 5 a.m.? What kind of lu­nacy is that?!

The woman goodly inna shock and dis­be­lief! Fur­ther­more ev­ery­one grieves dif­fer­ently! Tears and rolling on the ground is not the only way to ex­press grief. It is im­por­tant to treat the “bringers” of life with the ut­most dig­nity and re­spect.

I pray that God will touch the heart of some­one who knows some­thing or the one who has the baby to please bring him back to his mother and fa­ther where he be­longs.

Suzett Whyte, mother of the new­born who was stolen from the Vic­to­ria Ju­bilee Hos­pi­tal in Kingston, last Wednes­day.

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